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Riot denies Sinatraa has completed Conduct Training - Unable to return to competitive Valorant

According to Riot Games, Sinatraa has yet to complete Conduct Training, thus he remains unable to return to pro Valorant competition.
Riot denies Sinatraa has completed Conduct Training - Unable to return to competitive Valorant

Riot Games has issued a statement after Jay "Sinatraa" Won shared a personal email in which a company employee deemed him fit to return to competitive Valorant without undergoing mandatory "professional conduct training," following failure to comply with an official investigation after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

On 14th April, Sinatraa responded to criticism after he revealed his intentions of returning to pro competition. According to the former Overwatch MVP, he was "forced to step back" due to sexual misconduct allegations made by his ex-girlfriend Cleo Hernandez.

In reality, what kept him away from Valorant, for the most part, was his tampering and inability to comply with an official Riot investigation, which netted a six-month suspension from all official VCT events.

On top of the half-a-year suspension, Riot deemed mandatory a "professional conduct training." While previously, fans had assumed Sinatraa had undergone such proceedings, the company stated he's yet to complete it and thus was not fit to compete again, contradicting what an official Riot rep mentioned to the 22-year-old via email.

Riot denies Sinatraa has completed mandatory Conduct Training

Sinatraa mandatory Conduct Training Riot Games
Sinatraa's return to competitive Valorant will be delayed. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

On 15th April, the Valorant Esports Twitter account shared a statement regarding Sinatraa's current status as a potential pro within the scene, dismissing what a Riot employee previously noted that he was in the clear without undergoing proper conduct training.

"On Thursday, April 14, the Competitive Operations Team became aware of an email sent by a member of our team that stated incorrectly that a mandatory component of a competitive ruling issued to Jay 'Sinatraa' Won was not necessary."

The statement adds that Sinatraa will start his professional conduct training immediately which will focus on three aspects. "Conducting oneself as a professional, complying with rules and regulations, and complying with investigations."

John Needham, President of Esports at Riot Games, finished by apologising to the entire Valorant community. "We have initiated an internal investigation with the individuals at Riot Games who were involved and are reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure competitive rulings are followed through correctly next time," he added.

When will Sinatraa return to proffesional Valorant

sinatraa sentinels
Sinatraa might return to Sentinels, reports suggest. (Picture: Sentinels)

With this new development, it's become more unclear when will Sinatraa be debuting again as a competitor in the North America VCT circuit. Reports suggest he's training with his former Sentinels teammates, with no other organisations being rumoured to have an interest in the former OWL MVP.

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Featured image courtesy of Sentinels.