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Sinatraa accuser responds to apology: "I don't care if he has grown and become a better person"

Valorant pro Sinatraa accuser Cleo Hernandez, has responded to the apology and talked about the investigation, the deleted video and more.
On 17th May 2021, following a three-month-long investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct from accuser Cleo Hernandez, Riot Games suspended Sentinels' superstar Jay "Sinatraa" Won from the VCT for six months. The now-suspended Valorant esport star, according to Riot, "misrepresented certain facts" and "made false statements" during the course of their investigation. On the same day as the suspension announcement, Sinatraa issued an apology and pledged to "improve as a person". Now, his accuser has responded to the apology from Sinatraa, and revealed her take on the situation.

Sinatraa accuser responds to the apology

Riot Games internal investigation was brought to an end because of an ongoing criminal investigation, and the developer found Sinatraa "misrepresented certain facts" and "made false statements" during the course of their investigation. However, the investigation could not come to a "definitive conclusion", which is why Sinatraa was only suspended.

Now, his ex-girlfriend who accused him of emotionally and sexually abusing her, has spoken out, responding to the apology from Sinatraa, noting how she doesn't care what he says about his growth and how the accusations have affected him.

Sinatraa accuser cleo hernandez sex tape responds criminal investigation(Picture: OWL)

Cleo Hernandez states in a TwitLonger post: "I personally don't care for his 'apology' or his 'reflecting' and don't care for the fact that my posting about the abuse I faced at his hands 'humbled' him. There's no apology that he can give me that will mean anything to me.

"If he had genuinely reflected then he wouldn't be making jokes about coming back 'soon!!!'. If he was truly humbled he would understand that making a statement about growing from 'this', when the 'this' in question was emotionally and sexually abusing me, is completely inappropriate."


Sinatraa alleged sex tape

Sinatraa also claimed he could give over an apparent sex tape that would exonerate him, however, he did fail to do so during the Riot investigation, as he "honoured" accuser Cleo Hernandez' wish to delete the video.

Sinatraa accuser cleo hernandez sex tape responds criminal investigation(Picture: Cleo Hernandez via TwitLonger)

In her response to Sinatraa's apology and claims, Cleo explains: "I never once told him to delete the video, I did not care whatsoever if he kept it or not. I thought he still had it and I told the riot investigators that I welcomed him showing the video because in it you can see his fingers dig into me when I try and move away from him."

Sinatraa criminal investigation

Cleo touched on the ongoing legal investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations against Sinatraa.

Cleo Hernandez explains: "So yes he refused to comply with the investigation, was caught in multiple lies and didn't give a video that wouldn't have proved his innocence. he gave an apology that I will never at any point in my life be accepting because it is entirely too late. the legal aspect will develop slowly and depends entirely on my emotional strength when it comes to dealing with law enforcement and detectives which has so far been one of the most traumatizing things I've done in my life."

Sinatraa accuser cleo hernandez sex tape responds criminal investigation

(Picture: Cleo Hernandez via TwitLonger)

Sinatraa has recently revealed that he plans to return to streaming "soon". There are roughly four months to go for his suspension as it included time served, which means Sinatraa could return to the VCT and his team on 10th September 2021 if he "completes professional conduct training". 

Cleo continued her statement after Sinatraa's apology by explaining: "I hope people can understand that if he was truly innocent he would have complied with the investigation like he said he was going to in the first place, but instead he lied to the investigators and refused to participate."

It is not for us to judge whether or not the allegations lodged against Sinatraa are true or not. The ongoing criminal investigation could reveal more. At the time of writing, it remains to be seen how this will all turn out.

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