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Sinatraa speaks for first time since allegations, says he will "soon" stream again

The former Overwatch and Valorant pro has been spotted on Cryocells' stream and has exchanged a few words with him and other people he played with.
Sinatraa speaks for first time since allegations, says he will "soon" stream again

Not so long ago, Jay "Sinatraa" Won was one of the biggest stars of Valorant's rising esports scene.

The former Overwatch League pro has been absent from social media over the last few months due to serious allegations of abuse made by his ex-girlfriend.

Sinatraa has denied the allegations, claiming that he "never assaulted her", but things have been going downhill for the 21-year-old since then.

Riot Games has suspended him from all official Valorant competitions, Blizzard is issuing refunds for his Overwatch League MVP skin and his team is actually doing really well with TenZ, who has replaced him on Sentinels.

With everything that has happened, Sinatraa decided to step back for a few weeks, and he was practically completely quiet for almost two months.

sinatraa streaming again Twitch
(Picture: OWL)

But it seems that he is ready to slowly return to some parts of his former life, as players spotted him playing Valorant this weekend.

Valorant streamer Cryocells has shared a video of him playing a match over the last weekend with Sinatraa in his team.

His teammates quickly recognized Sinatraa and started chatting with him, asking him what he was doing and what he plans on doing going forward.

"It's just natural talent, I literally haven't even played this game in a f***ing month,"  Sinatraa said after a great round. "I actually played one game, like a week and a half ago, but that doesn't count."

One of his teammates asked him what's going on with "that thing on Twitter", alluding to the accusations.

"F**k it, I don't even care anymore," Sinatraa replied. "Going back to streaming!"

It seems that Sinatraa is teasing his return to Twitch, and when asked when will that happen, he simply answered with "soon" which means that it might happen in the upcoming weeks.

Sinatraa's relationship with his ex-girlfriend has recently reappeared when his current girlfriend defended him and said that Cleo "cle0h" Hernandez (ex-girlfriend) is the one who is abusive, but since then there were no new updates on the case.

If Sinatraa really plans to get back to streaming, it remains to be seen how will Twitch react, as their new policy in regards to severe off-service misconduct might mean that they will forbid him from streaming on Twitch.