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Sinatraa in tears following fan criticism for duo queueing with ShahZaM

The player accused of sexual misconduct invited the VCT Masters 1 and 2 champion, being flamed in the process.
Sinatraa in tears following fan criticism for duo queueing with ShahZaM

With the future of Jay "Sinatraa" Won as a pro player in doubt amid an ongoing police investigation regarding allegations of sexual misconduct made by his ex-girlfriend and a six-month suspension by Riot Games for interfering with their own examination, the Sentinels signed content creator was heavily criticized for inviting VCT Stage 2 Masters champion and former teammate Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan to duo-queue in ranked Valorant, making him break down in tears as a result.

The situation occurred this past 2nd June, with Sinatraa, who recently returned to streaming, reaching out to Shaz in-game, inviting him to queue for a few ranked Valorant games. The Sentinels IGL accepted without putting much thought into it and quickly found that both he and Sinatraa were being flamed for grouping up, as Won's still being investigated and has yet to be declared innocent.

Tired from the barrage of hate he and Shaz were getting, Sinatraa broke down in tears during one of their matches, turning off his camera as viewers heard him sob.

"It's so dumb bro," Won said while trying to hold back tears.

The 21-year-old explained: "That's what happens when I play with other streamers, cause the chat just attacks him non-stop."

ShahZaM apologizes for duoing with Sinatraa

shazhzam sentinels
(Picture: Riot Games)

ShahZaM made it clear that, after "being put on the spot" by Sinatraa's sudden invitation, he didn't think much of it and that his decision to play with his former teammate shouldn't be taken as him siding with Won.

"It's an impossible situation, my bad, I didn't realize people were gonna feel so strongly about it and think that I'm taking a stance. I do not support rape."

Sinatraa has confirmed he won't be duoing with anyone for the foreseable future as a result.