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Valorant bug has players stuck at level 7 following Episode 3 update

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 added a new account levelling feature to the game, but it seems that the system is not currently working as intended.
Valorant bug has players stuck at level 7 following Episode 3 update

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 is now live and players are able to explore all the new content that has come with it.

From the Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass and new agent KAY/O to myriads of balance changes, there's a lot of things to go through at the start of the season.

One of the new features is the account levelling system, which allows players to proudly show off how much time they have spent with the game in the form of account levels and fancy Player Card borders.

This feature should work retroactively, which means that now when the system is live, all players should have their level based on their previous time invested into the game, and can immediately level up their account up to several hundred levels if they have enough games under their belt.

Valorant everyone is level 7The new account levelling system is off to a bad start (Picture: Riot Games)

But apparently, the system is currently bugged at the start of the season, as players are reporting that "everyone everywhere" is level 7.

"Me and the entirety of my friends list are player level 7 despite varying levels of playtime, " reported Reddit user CaptainClumsy04, which was immediately confirmed by several more user commenting on his bug report.

It seems that the bug is widespread across all regions and that affects players of all (real) levels.

"Everyone is level 7. There's no way I'm level 7, the same level as a friend that played like 1/3 of the amount I played," wrote Inlandsofashes, another Valorant player from the subreddit.

The system works by giving players Account Points (AP) based on the time spent on playing the game and their success in matches, but when it comes to the system's retroactive implementation, players should get a fixed amount of Account Points based on a total number of games they have played since the launch of Valorant.

Apparently, something went wrong with the system as everyone is currently stuck at level 7 regardless of their prior experience with the game.

It is not clear if the bug is only visual in nature (showing wrong numbers, but working properly) or if something doesn't work as intended when calculating the number of points given retroactively.

At the time of writing Riot Games is yet to respond in regards to this issue.