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First Valorant Mobile leaked images appear online

As Valorant approaches its second anniversary in June, leaked images have surfaced online of a playtest occurring in China for Valorant Mobile.
First Valorant Mobile leaked images appear online

Valorant continues its momentum of being one of the most popular FPS games with its ever-expanding roster of playable Agents and a flourishing competitive scene. In addition, developer Riot Games unveiled plans to bring the FPS game to the mobile platform during its first anniversary celebrations.

As part of their plan to expand the game to other media forms, this move to the mobile platform will ensure that Valorant is available to as many players globally. However, in the absence of significant news or updates, data miners have leaked the first images from a Valorant Mobile playtest in China, and these early leaks look somewhat promising.

Leaked images from Valorant Mobile playtest surface online

Multiple sources have confirmed the news of a playtest for Valorant Mobile being rumoured to have begun in China. In a series of tweets from February 2022, a notable Valorant source, Valorleaks, explained an "invite system" was implemented in which players were allowed access to the beta.

"Valorant Mobile will be getting a beta in the "future". At the moment, it seems it will be using an invite system for players to invite friends to gain access to the beta," Valorleaks tweeted.

They later continued, tweeting that "Invites don't exist now; beta is probably months away. So yeah, just something to look forward to."

valorant mobile playtest china leaked images header screen twitter
Notable Valorant sources revealed that a playtest is currently underway in China for Valorant Mobile. (Picture: Twitter / DannyINTEL)

Both Valorleaks and another Valorant source, Murda_Valorant, released playtest images confirming that an invite-only beta has begun. These images were provided from a prominent mobile gaming source, DannyINTEL, who was likely the first to have leaked images from the Valorant Mobile beta.

As of writing, there's been no confirmation from Riot Games on a possible release date other than that it's "coming sometime soon." Nevertheless, news of the playtest could spur rumours of some update from the developer at some point.

The reception towards the leaked images from the Valorant Mobile beta has been rather lukewarm, with players revealing some concerns and excitement. For example, one player hoped that Valorant Mobile would not be crossplay, prompting a response from another, stating that it would "probably won't be crossplay. There's no way a mobile device can run the same Valorant as a PC."

Speaking of crossplay, another Valorant player added why they hope Riot Games won't make this feature available for Valorant. "Big L if there's crossplay in anything. Let PC players play against each other and let mobile players play amongst each other. It will not be a good environment to experience mobile and PC players together."

valorant mobile playtest china leaked images character selection screen
A leaked image of the character selection screen could look like in Valorant Mobile. (Picture: Twitter / DannyINTEL)

One player appears to be excited for Valorant Mobile, citing past experiences playing similar FPS titles on the platform. "Playing Valorant religiously right now. Used to play mobile FPS games for like five hours a day for many years... Time to sacrifice my career/life to play this."

Until Riot Games can officially confirm the news of a possible beta for Valorant Mobile taking place soon, we advise players to remain patient in the meantime. We'll follow and update this story with the latest information regarding Valorant Mobile as soon as it becomes available.


Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.