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Valorant players may lose rank progress after "rough patch day"

Riot Games announced that players in NA, Brazil, and Latam might lose EXP progress due to a bug causing issues.
Valorant players may lose rank progress after "rough patch day"

Sad times for Valorant players in North America, Brazil, and Latin America, as Riot Games has announced that a bug present with the recent v2.08 patch has made certain players lose their match progress, including battle pass and any contract EXP they might have accumulated. 

"We're having a rough patch day—thanks for bearing with us. NA/BR/LATAM players who completed games today between 1:05–1:40PT, may have lost progress from those games. We're also deploying a fix tomorrow for the master volume sounding lower than intended," the PlayValorant Twitter account revealed.

Patch v2.08 is a big one, as it introduced players to the newest map in Valorant, Breeze, so it seems plausible a few bugs might have slipped under the radar.

breeze map
(Picture: Riot Games)

For Valorant ranked players, the patch also brought another bug, which sees users get incorrect rank placements after they finish their first match.

We'll see how long it takes Riot to fix this pesky bug, in the meantime, we'll keep you updated on all things Valorant.