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Valorant gets review bombed on Metacritic as fans try to defuse the situation

Riot Games' Valorant seems to be getting review bombed on Metacritic.
Valorant gets review bombed on Metacritic as fans try to defuse the situation

After some great feedback from players in the Closed Beta, Valorant finally released earlier this week, on 2nd June 2020. Since then, user reviews on Metacritic have been very negative, pointing towards Valorant being review bombed.

The game isn't perfect, but the user reviews definitely point towards more than just honest opinions, with fans jumping in to defuse the situation.


Valorant gets review bombed

On release day, Valorant sat at a user review score average of 3.4/10 on Metacritic. Game servers had to go down for emergency maintenance as well, and some users have been running into error codes. 

While some think this isn't a coordinated Valorant review bombing, others believe it could be. Check out some images from Metacritic posted by Richard Lewis below.



Judging by all the 0/10 scores, it might not be a well-coordinated review bomb, but it is hard to believe the game isn't getting blasted with some type of planning.

Firstly, spending less than a day with Valorant shouldn't be enough time to rate the game. At the time of writing, only two publications have given their verdict, with both giving Valorant an 8/10 score.

While Valorant isn't perfect, and there has been some issues, especially concerning the anti-cheat system Vanguard, very few games deserve a 0/10 score.

Some user reviews also make no sense, and those who appear to think reviews such as the one below is "helpful" clearly has an axe to grind. 


Valorant review bombed valorant metacritic user reviews
Clearly, this review was meant to bring the average score down (Picture: Metacritic)


Since the initial Valorant review bombing, fans have also stepped in to push out a tonne of 10/10 scores. At the time of writing, the game sits on a 5.3/10 user review score.

While fans are fighting back, it is important to remember almost no games really deserve a 0/10 score (unless it is completely broken and can't be played) or a 10/10, since nearly every game has some flaws.


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