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Valorant SPECTRUM collection: Release date, all skins, price, more

The much-anticipated collaboration between Valorant and DJ Anton "Zedd" Zaslavski is finally here.
Valorant SPECTRUM collection: Release date, all skins, price, more

Riot Games in collaboration with Grammy award-winning artist, producer, DJ, and Immortal-ranked Valorant player, Zedd is about to release one of the craziest skin bundles the game has ever seen.

And also the most expensive, with the skin bundle set to come in at 10,700 VP, almost 1000 VP more than the pricey Elderflame skin bundle.

To be fair the skins are quite unlike anything the game has seen before, Zedd reached out to the Riot developers himself and the results are an infusion of his award-winning sound and some very colourful, sci-fi inspired, skins.

Valorant Spectrum skin line phantom
The SPECTRUM weapon skins have a number of colourful variants and a unique soundscape. (Picture: Riot Games)

The audio-first approach to the skins was unlike anything that the developers had worked with before as Senior Weapons Artist on Valorant, Chris Stone, explains:

"Historically in VALORANT, we lead with developing the model and allow the visual effects and audio to follow. For SPECTRUM, we worked backwards - with audio first, VFX second, and model last. This required us to slightly rethink how we typically produce skins, but also was a fun challenge for the team that allowed us to develop the best skin possible."

The skins boast the most "features" of any yet released, the skin's VFX and accent colours change as you move through the map, likewise, the finisher colours do too. Each skin also boasts a unique inspect sound. Zedd worked with the team closely helping create the unique sounds that each skin possesses.

Valorant Zedd skin line
Zedd (right) collaborated to create the skin's inspect, firing and melee swipes. (Picture: Riot Games)

It was a process that made for what Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer on Valorant, calls the most "ambitious and complex skin line" yet.

"We often say that every skin has to have an “oh shit” moment, but I feel like this skin has several big “oh shit” moments. For example, the skin’s VFX and accent colours change continuously as you move through the map," explained Khanolkar. "Likewise, the Finisher colour changes depending on where it spawns. And the Finisher is different if the bomb is planted and needs to be defused! Not only did we add a unique set of sounds to the inspect (we named the inspect sound that plays “SEQUENCE”), those sounds are different on each weapon!"

Spectrum Valorant Zedd
Each weapon skin boats four levels and three variants. (Picture: Riot Games)

The bundle will contain five weapon skins (including the WAVEFORM Melee) as well as a Zedd and Spectrum gun buddy, and a SPECTRUM card and spray.

Each of the weapons contains four levels, they are:

  • Level 1 - Custom model with custom ADS reticle that changes colour as you move
  • Level 2 - Custom muzzle flash and firing audio; muzzle flash colour changes as you move
  • Level 3 - Custom equip and reload visual effects and audio; visual effects and accent colours change colour as you move; custom inspect sound that is unique for each weapon and pulses to the beat of the sounds
  • Level 4 - Kill Banner and Finisher (Finisher colours change depending on location and whether or not the bomb is planted)

As well as three variants:

  • Variant 1 - Black Variant 
  • Variant 2 - Red Variant 
  • Variant 3 - Purple/Pink Variant 

The Melee follows a similar upgrade path with the same variants but with two levels of upgrades:

  • Level 1 - Custom model with unique audio
  • Level 2 - Visual effects upgrades with custom animation and upgraded audio; custom inspect sound that pulses to the beat of the sounds
Spectrum Melee Zedd
The SPECTRUM Melee pulses when inspected. (Picture: Riot Games)

When does the SPECTRUM skin bundle come out?

The skin bundle will be out from the 8th September 2021.

It appears at the moment the skins will only be purchasable as a bundle.

SPECTRUM skin bundle - how much does it cost?

The SPECTRUM skins are an Exclusive Edition (XE) skin line, similar to the Sentinel of Lights, Ruination, and Elderflame skin lines.

Though these skins are more expensive than either of those and cost 10,7000 VP, making these the most expensive skins ever seen in the game, with the previous record being the dragon-inspired Elderflame skin line that cost 9,900 VP.

Individual gun skins will cost 2,645 VP, while the Melee will set you back 10,700 VP.

All SPECTRUM skins

The bundle contains five weapon skins, they are:

  • Melee
  • Classic
  • Bulldog
  • Guardian
  • Phantom

Each has three variants.


Spectrum Melee
SPECTRUM - Melee. (Picture: Riot Games)


Spectrum Classic
SPECTRUM - Classic. (Picture: Riot Games)


Spectrum Bulldog
SPECTRUM - Bulldog. (Picture: Riot Games)


Spectrum Guardian
SPECTRUM - Guardian. (Picture: Riot Games)


Spectrum Phantom
SPECTRUM - Phantom. (Picture: Riot Games)

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