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Valorant Titanmail skin bundle leaks - Vandal and Mace melee

A new Valorant Titanmail skin bundle has been leaked, featuring a medieval touch with a Mace-like melee weapon.
Valorant Titanmail skin bundle leaks - Vandal and Mace melee

Valorant has built an incredible fanbase, not only thanks to its tight gunplay that mixes and mashes things from other franchises like CSGO and Overwatch to create an ability-based tactical shooter, but also to its wide array of cosmetics.

At this point, is par for the course that dedicated Valorant dataminers end up spoiling new Valorant skin collections before Riot Games makes them official, and the most recent bundle is no different. On 10th May, known insiders like ValorLeaks and ValorantUpdated showcased the new Titanmail skin bundle, which boasts a design similar to the Forsaken skin line.

Valorant Titanmail bundle - All skins

titanmail skinline
All the skins featured on the Titanmail bundle. (Picture: Riot Games)

According to images leaked by ValorLeaks, the Titanmail bundle will include skins for the following guns:

  • Ares
  • Vandal
  • Frenzy
  • Bucky
  • Melee

As we've mentioned, the design is eerily similar to the Forsaken skin line, although some fans have pointed out that it looks like an "edgier" version of the iconic Reaver cosmetics.

By far the most interesting cosmetic in the entire bundle is the Mace-like melee weapon, which you can see in action via Twitter thanks to ValorLeaks once more.

Valorant Titanmail bundle - Release date

We don't have a release date set in stone at the moment, but based on in-game shop stores, we can expect the Titanmail bundle will replace the current featured skin collection, which is the highly coveted RGX 11z Pro 2 bundle.

Once we do know the exact release date, we'll update the article accordingly.

Valorant Titanmail bundle - Cost

fade valorant skins
New Agents, new skin lines, Valorant has it all at the moment. (Picture: Riot Games)

Due to the fact that we don't have a lot of info regarding customization of each skin, such as variants, kill banners, and such, we don't know what price they'll have.

If you're unaware, Valorant skins are divided by tiers depending on several factors; more importantly, whether they come with variants, finishers, kill banners, and other cosmetic upgrades.

The skin tiers are as follows:

  • Select Edition
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Premium Edition
  • Ultra Edition
  • Exclusive Edition

As always, once we know more about the Titanmail skin collection, we'll be sure to keep you updated.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.