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When do Jett nerfs go live? Valorant patch 4.08 release date

It would be best for Jett mains to get ranked Valorant games in quick, if you're wondering when Jett nerfs go live, it's sooner than you think.
When do Jett nerfs go live? Valorant patch 4.08 release date

After years of dominating the meta at low and high ranks, becoming a staple of competitive Valorant, Jett is due for massive nerfs, with Riot finally addressing the slippery duelist. 

The devs decided to give a heads up to Valorant's fanbase ahead of the 4.08 patch, as it included some game-defining balance tweaks to the iconic Korean duelist. 

Aimed at making her more susceptible to being punished by peeking angles with an Operator, forcing her to use her Tailwind ability or lose it without triggering it all. 

Peeking with no way to punish Agents holding site has been a common theme with Valorant. Oftentimes, opponents are forced to burn resources, primarily smokes just on the fact that a Jett could be holding certain angles.

With the introduction of Chamber, an Agent that's capable of taking aggressive duels and getting out as safely, if not more than Jett, this issue has aggravated even more in Valorant.

Now that Jett's playstyle is set for a big rework fans are wondering how long will they have to wait to see how this new version of Valorant's defining Agent in action.

When is Jett getting nerfed?

jett nerf
Jett nerfs could signify the start of a new meta. (Picture: Riot Games)

As Riot Games mentioned, patch 4.08 will bring forth Jett's huge balance tweaks. This update will be released on Tuesday 26th April.

The balance changes are set to coincide with the start of Valorant Episode  4 Act 3 and the impending release of the game's newest Agent, Fade.

Expect the usual bells and whistles to come with the release of a new Act to also be present, including a new battle pass with 50 tiers for players to grind.

It'll remain to be seen how hard will the Valorant nerfs affect Jett, but fans are theorizing it could be of huge impact, forcing the duelist to be either more proactive or reactive, depending on the situation.

Wasting Tailwind means that Jett needs to be on the offensive, only able to recover a charge if she gets two kills. Furthermore, once she activates it, she will likely be forced to engage otherwise, an entire team's plan would have to shift gears, slowing down to a crawl.

Once we get a chance to test the new Jett ourselves, rest assured we'll cook up a fresh Agent tier list to help you make better decisions while on the grind.

jett valorant
Jett could no longer be one of the game's best Agents. (Picture: Riot Games)

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.