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New Valorant Agent Fade to be revealed at Masters finals

Valorant is getting its first new Agent since Neon launched in January, with anticipation building for the impending launch of Fade.
New Valorant Agent Fade to be revealed at Masters finals

After much speculation and leaks giving hints at what the latest Valorant Agent could look like, Riot Games finally gave fans their first glimpse at Fade, the game's 19th playable character.

The dev team decided to slow down the release of maps and Agents as they looked to give Valorant breathing time to develop a meta with each balance patch. Now that Neon's release is over four months old, fans have been clamouring for a new Agent to spice the experience up.

Previous leaks nicknamed the Agent "Bounty Hunter" as datamining showcased Fade's abilities, albeit with no gameplay for fans to take a look at.

New Valorant Agent Fade to be showcased at Masters

valorant masters
Riot Games will reveal Fade gameplay at Valorant Masters finals. (Picture: Riot Games)

Via social media, Riot Games confirmed that after much anticipation, Fade gameplay will be shown during the Valorant Masters Reykjavík finals.

The developers had been teasing Fade's arrival with multiple ominous gifs of Valorant Agents shrouded by some kind of negative energy, alluding to Fade's leaked abilities that will see her become a nuisance for enemies by applying constant debuffs.

The Valorant Masters finals are scheduled to be played on 24th April. As mentioned, the showcase will include gameplay as well as a developer interview. No news around a proper release date is confirmed but expect information about it during the stream.

Where to watch new Valorant Agent reveal?

valorant masters
Valorant Masters will feature the debut of Fade, the game's newest Agent. (Picture: Riot Games)

There are plenty of ways you can tune in to the Valorant Masters stream to not only catch an amazing series between the world's best Valorant squads but also to see the official gameplay reveal of Fade.

These are all the official streams you'll be able to watch on 24th April.





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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.