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Bungie's CEO and staff met with "violent response" while attending Black Lives Matter protest in Seattle

Members of the dev team behind Destiny voiced their concerns over the police's aggressive response to the protests in their city
Bungie's CEO and staff met with "violent response" while attending Black Lives Matter protest in Seattle

As the protests across the US and the world against police brutality following the murder of George Floyd continue, more and more members of the gaming community have shown support for the movement, some with hefty donations but also by turning out at the protests.


Bungie CEO Black lives matter tear gas
(Picture: Pete Parsons)


Bungie's CEO, Pete Parsons, was one of thousands that attended protests on the 7th in Seattle, the city where the developers' headquarters are located.

Parsons shared via social media an image of the gathering stating that they were "peacefully exercising their first amendment rights."



It's a protest he says the police responded "violently" to, backed up by a video he himself recorded, which shows panicked protestors move away from an area that is filling with smoke. A series of loud bangs can be heard and an amplified voice can be heard saying this is "a police action."



Parsons has also used his platform urged other prominent personalities like the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, to not only voice their concerns online but to actively participate out on the streets.

“If strong moral leaders like @XboxP3 (Phil Spencer) and @satyanadella (Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft) were on the frontline too they would think twice about pulling the trigger. As business leaders we need to physically stand up to injustice. As corporate taxpayers our voice needs to be the hand of an angry god.”



Eric Osbourne, part of the marketing department at Bungie, also took to Twitter to voice his complaints after the acts of violence he witnessed at the protests.



"It’s shocking to see how much force the Seattle PD is willing to use against the people they’re charged with serving. Faced with chants, signs, and a few rows of colorful umbrellas, they came in full riot gear, backstopped by the National Guard in camouflage fatigues. Soldiers."

In a gruesome retelling of what he and thousands of people went through, Osbourne describes how the police ran through "makeshift water tents and scrappy medical stations."



"As the medics try to help, they run into more aggression, and the police ultimately block the makeshift medic station altogether, as people shriek with pain, and wander blinded, crying out for help."

Further protests are set to be held in Seattle with Black Lives Matter Seattle calling for a statewide general strike and silent march on Friday, 12th June.

While Bungie's employees are out to make a change for the better in the real world, they're also hard at work cooking up big changes to Destiny 2, with their first live event closing out the Season of the Worthy.