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GFuel fires staff hours after reporting higher-up's slurs to HR

GFUEL is under fire for the alleged unfair dismissal of seven talent managers after they reported a higher-up to the company's HR.
GFuel fires staff hours after reporting higher-up's slurs to HR

Popular gaming and esports energy drink company GFUEL has received waves of criticism after recently firing seven of its partner and talent managers. The company reportedly notified ex-employees of their dismissal, citing "restructuring." However, per reports by Jake Lucky, this came mere hours after staff filed complaints with Human Resources (HR) regarding derogatory statements made by a superior executive prompting suspicion of unfair dismissal.

GFUEL under fire for alleged unfair dismissal of staff members

GFUEL is under fire for allegedly firing staff for reporting a higher-up
GFUEL is under fire for allegedly firing staff for reporting a higher-up. (Picture: Unsplash)

According to the reports, on 16th June 2022, the executive reportedly made a derogatory slur towards the members during a team-wide meeting and called members of the team “lazy motherf**kers.”

Less than 24 hours after reporting the executive's unprofessional and derogatory remarks to the Human Resources department, the seven GFUEL employees were terminated effective immediately and told it was part of the company's "restructuring" plans. The company is also reportedly banning partnered creators requesting clarity or further details regarding the drama.

"So GFUEL just banned be from their Twitch chat because I asked what us partners are supposed to do now that they fired our partner managers without any warning," wrote Twitch streamer Vilonious on Twitter. In a separate Tweet, the Twitch streamer revealed the message that warranted a ban (see image below).

gfuel scandal fires staff for executive slur hr
GFUEL partner gets banned for asking about lay-off of staff workers. (Picture: Twitter / Vilonious)

The scandal has since gone viral on social media, with many GFUEL partners reportedly terminating their partnership with the company. On the other hand, others have urged the company to formally address the claims.

"I strongly urge that GFUEL speaks out about these issues, addresses them, and ensures that their workplace culture is appropriate and fair for all of their employees and partners," said partner ADrive.

In response to the claims, many other users on Twitter have expressed their concerns and disapproval, drawing similarities to the recent Artesian Builds scandal.

"GFUEL [is] rapidly approaching an Artesian Builds status. First losing FaZe to Ghost, and now this. I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of GFUEL," wrote a Twitter user in response to the unfolding drama

At the time of writing, GFUEL has not issued any official statements. However, we will endeavor to update you regarding this developing story.

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Featured image courtesy of GFUEL.