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How to get Shirou, Free Fire's newest character, without spending a dime

A new fighter is about to arrive at the battleground along with the Project Cobra event.
How to get Shirou, Free Fire's newest character, without spending a dime
Details about what is coming with Free Fire Open Beta 26 has been known for a couple of weeks now with the addition of two new characters the most anticipated addition.

On 16th February, Garena has announced the arrival of the first of these, with Shirou, the Japanese delivery boy, the next to join the Free Fire roster.

Free Fire Shirou how to get for free
(Picture: Garena)

Known for his high-speed abilities, he is fashioned after the same styles featured in February's Elite Pass, named Fuji Folklore.

Shirou has a passive ability called Damage Delivered, which shows any enemy firing at Shirou on the mini-map, as long as they are within 50m. Additionally, the first shot fired at marked enemies will have an additional 10% armour penetration.

Raising this skill to level six will increase the range of the vision range to 80m, the timed revealed to four seconds, and the percentage of bonus armour penetration to 100%.

Free Fire Shirou how to get
(Picture: Garena)

As Shirou is part of the Project Cobra event, the developers are going out to celebrate his arrival with players able to get their hands on a free Predator Strike Bat when logging in from 15-21st February, as well as offering the character free to anyone who logins on the 26th February.

Continuing with this, during the second half of February you will be able to collect Cobra Tokens to exchange them for a new Sliding Table and the Fast Cobra Bundle.

Finally, a campaign will be active in which by inviting your friends to return to the game between 25-27th February, you will be able to win 19,999 diamonds and the Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle.