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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Seregios - How to defeat and weaknesses

Learn how to take down and defeat the sharp-scaled Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Learn more about its weaknesses.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Seregios - How to defeat and weaknesses

One of the more fearsome monsters added to the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the Seregios. Trying to defeat one will require plenty of agility and timing when taking on the sharp-scaled beast and learning the weaknesses can certainly save you a trip to the cart.

The last time Seregios appeared in a Monster Hunter game was Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and that seems to be a recurring theme for many of the Sunbreak additions. For this fight, you'll need to watch out for aerial attacks and plenty of spikes. Read through our Seregios guide to find out which moves the monster has and what weapons in your arsenal will work best.

How to defeat Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Seregios Scales
Ranged scales are some of the most dangerous aspects of Seregios. (Picture: Capcom)

Before attempting to use any specialized weaknesses on the Seregios, the first step is learning what moves the large monster will utilize to kill you and your party of Hunters. When comparing this fight to other monsters, the best descriptive combination would be a melding of the Nargacuga and the Rathian. Aerial advances are reminiscent of the flying wyvern, and the spikes are similar to what the Nargacuga dishes out.

Dealing with the flying attacks will be the most frustrating aspect of the fight because they are constant and quick. Seregios won't stay in the air as long as other winged wyverns, but it will certainly use it for dash attacks more. Dash attacks from the sky are common, and they will usually be executed in twos. Sometimes the beast will also dash left and then directly right to throw you off.

When the Seregios isn't using flight, it's certainly utilizing spikes. Spikes can be thrown from its head to its tail, so there is a lot to dodge in this fight. Up close and personal, the monster will also use its tail to start to sweep attacking. Watching for the tail and the spikes will certainly save you. Getting hit too many times by spikes will also cause a bleed effect, just like the Nargacuga.

Once it becomes enraged, spikes will cover its entire body as a dangerous armor. Not only will you need to watch for more ranged attacks, but sharp weapons will deflect more often, even with a higher sharpness. Blunt weapons are your friend in this case, especially with small attack windows and spiked armor.

Seregios weaknesses in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Seregios Parts
Blunt damage will be the most effective in this fight. (Picture: Capcom)

When choosing an element on your weapon, if you aren't using a neutral damage build, there are two options that can cause some serious damage. Both Ice and Thunder elements will tear through Seregios with Ice at a two-star and Thunder at a three-star. The elements to avoid include Fire, Dragon, and Water. Anything else will be neutral.

Within the fight itself, the parts of the monster that you want to focus on are the head, the legs, and the neck. Tail damage also comes in just behind them. Regardless of the part though, blunt damage will perform the best, and that was apparent with the scaled armored.

Best of luck in hunting down the Seregios as you prepare to take on the lords in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.