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MrBeast successfully recreates Squid Game in real life, here's how much it cost

MrBeast's real-life Squid Game project is complete. Here's how it looks and how much it cost to create.
On 4th November, MrBeast gave everyone a sneak peek of his real-life recreation of the Netflix Original Series "Squid Game set," a project he had been working on for some time now. A few days after the preview, Mr Beast shared a short video revealing that he recreated all the games in the Squid Game Netflix series in real life.

As we can see in the video, Mr Beast not only replicated the games, but he also paid particular attention to the minor details and recreated a playground-like environment.

This project was already quite a big challenge for MrBeast and not only in terms of designing but also monetarily.

MrBeast recreates Squid Game in real life, here's how much it costed
456 chosen players will compete on this set for a big prize pool. (Picture: MrBeast)

"Recreating Squid Games is costing more than I thought it would, but I'm in too deep to stop now, lol", he said on 7th November via his Twitter account. Additionally, when Twitter user 1% Forpz asked him how much the total project cost, MrBeast unveiled that his recreation of Squid Games cost "around million to build and produce" and that he dedicated a whopping ".5 million in prizes."

Earlier this week, Mr Beast revealed that a total of 456 participants would compete on this set for the prize money and that his real-life Squid Game challenge may also feature a bunch of our favourite streamers.


Unfortunately, at present, there isn't much information about when the YouTube video will drop, so all we can do is wait for an official announcement regarding this from MrBeast.


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Featured image courtesy of MrBeast.