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MrBeast's Squid Game: How to watch, enter, cash prize reward, contestants and more

MrBeast's Squid Game adaptation is going to be his biggest YouTube challenge yet and here's everything that we know, including the prize money, all known contestants, how you can participate, and more!
MrBeast's Squid Game: How to watch, enter, cash prize reward, contestants and more

MrBeast's upcoming Squid Game YouTube challenge is going to be one of his biggest videos yet, costing a staggering $2 million to recreate the popular Netflix Original Series. The YouTube star first announced that he would be recreating Squid Games in a TikTok video that he uploaded on 11th October, albeit on the condition that the video got 10 million likes.

Of course, millions of fans swooped in and swiftly smashed MrBeast's goal of 10 million likes, within hours of the video going live. MrBeast subsequently revealed that he would go "all-out" on the real-life Squid Game YouTube video, but would require a month to "gather 456 random people" and to "recreate all the sets."

Here's everything we know about MrBeast's Squid Game YouTube challenge.

How to take part in MrBeast's Squid Games?

Currently, there is only one way in which you could end up participating in MrBeast's Squid Game challenge. To stand a chance of taking part, you need to follow MrBeast on TikTok and comment your contestant number on his latest TikTok video, which we have embedded below.


##stitch comment what number contestant you want to be :)

♬ Squid Game - Carrot

On 15th October, MrBeast also released a limited-time merch collection drop in which he revealed he would invite "100 random people" that purchased a hoodie or shirt from his Squid Game collection to compete in his recreation of the Netflix Original Series.

Sadly, this merch drop ended after 48-hours on 17th October, which means that if you were not lucky enough to purchase an item during this timeframe, then you cannot stand a chance of participating in this way.

What is the cash prize reward in MrBeast's Squid Games?

According to MrBeast' latest TikTok video, the Squid Game YouTube challenge will have a cash prize of $456,000.


doing this bc it costs a few million dollars to make the video ##mrbeastgame

♬ MONEY - 리사 (LISA)

Although MrBeast's Squid Game challenge will have a lower cash prize than his $500,000 game of Tag video, it will involve several hundred contestants.

MrBeast also indicated that this will (easily) be his most expensive video yet, which justified him launching the limited-time Squid Game merch collection drop.

Who is participating in MrBeast's Squid Games?

Although we don't have a confirmed list of contestants right now, it is speculated that MrBeast's typical crew, including Chandler, Chris and friends, will be involved in his Squid Game challenge. This followed after two of MrBeast's friends tweeted posted on Twitter.

mrbeast crew to host squid game youtube challenge
MrBeast (center) with Chandler (left) and long-time friend Chris (right). (Picture: Newsweek)

Chris Tyson recently tweeted: "I can't wait to start an organ selling business with one of the contestants in exchange for information about the games," while Karl Jacobs asked whether he would "get to shoot people."

Among the many thousands of responses by fans to take part in, many popular YouTube and Twitch personalities reached out to MrBeast for a shot in his Squid Game challenges as well.

100 Thieves content creators, Valkyrae and Neekolul, each wanted in on the action.

Neekolul said:

Valyrae said:

Twitch stars, Ludwig Aghren and Froste both also reached out for a spot in the Squid Game challenge, the latter of whom said: "Lemme in there" and made clear his intentions to eliminate as many contestants as possible.

Surprisingly, TikTok influencer, Bella Poarch, also wanted in on the action, tweeting: "Where do I sign up?"

Since revealing his Squid Game adaptation, MrBeast has been seeking input from his fans regarding how he should go about recreating some of the challenges.

While he eventually figured out how he would pull off some of the trickier ones, the YouTube hinted that his Squid Game YouTube video was going to "be wild."

When and where to watch MrBeast's Squid Games?

MrBeast has now confirmed the video will be released at 4 pm EST / 9 pm GMT on 24th November.

The video will be available on MrBeast's YouTube channel.

MrBeast's recreation of Squid Game will be his biggest YouTube challenge yet. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast & Netflix)
MrBeast's recreation of Squid Game will be his biggest YouTube challenge yet. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast & Netflix)

Given the magnitude of MrBeast's Squid Game recreation, we can definitely expect things to get spicy! We'll continue to keep you updated on any further developments regarding this story.


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