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Is MultiVersus on Nintendo Switch?

While it may seem like a match made in heaven, Switch users might have to wait sometime before joining the MultiVersus battle.
Is MultiVersus on Nintendo Switch?

MultiVersus, WB Games' shot at the platform fighter genre that Smash Bros has long dominated, is making some waves within the fighting game community and casual gamers as a whole.

Thanks to its free-to-play offering that includes cross-platform and cross-progression paired with the opportunity to bring together some of Warner Bros' most recognizable IPs such as DC superheroes, Game of Thrones characters, Looney Tunes cartoons, and more, MultiVersus is poised for success where others have failed.

Developer Player First Games confirmed the platform fighter will launch on multiple platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC. Nintendo Switch fans have wondered if MultiVersus will also be released on the hybrid hardware.

It seems like a match made in heaven, especially since the vast majority of Switch users are familiar with the Smash Bros series and could potentially gravitate towards a similar offering that would let them pit Batman or Superman against Shaggy and Bugs Bunny.

Will MultiVersus be on Switch?

multiversus nintendo switch
Nintendo Switch users will have to wait to get their hands on MultiVersus (Picture: WB Games)

At the time of writing, MultiVersus will not be launching on Nintendo Switch when it officially releases at some point during 2022.

As we've mentioned, the developers only list the following platforms as hardware where MultiVersus will be available:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series SIX
  • PC (Via Steam)

Why is MultiVersus not on Switch?

multiversus crossplatform
MultiVersus will release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. (Picture: WB Games)

Again, we don't have concrete information, as the developers haven't mentioned any sort of hardware limitations that could potentially leave Switch users with a subpar experience.

Some players online have theorized that since the game will feature rollback netcode, the Switch might struggle to deliver on this front, affecting the experience of users from other platforms.

Other fighting games like Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid have successfully implemented rollback netcode and cross-play between the Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

With the Closed Alpha currently ongoing and a Closed Beta scheduled to happen in July, MultiVersus' release date is still a few months away, meaning that developers could focus on a Nintendo Switch version in the near future.

Alternatively, MultiVersus' devs are simply not interesting in making some compromises to get a port version ready for the Nintendo hardware, and may very well wait until a more potent Switch 2 hits the market.

For more on all things MultiVersus ahead of its release, including guides, tier lists, tournament news, and more, stick to our dedicated Fighting Games section.


Featured image courtesy of WB Games.