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MythForce release date, platforms, features, and gameplay

Inspired by beloved 80s cartoons, MythForce is a new immersive RPG experience for players to enjoy some throwbacks and nostalgia.
MythForce release date, platforms, features, and gameplay

To this point, 2022 has been an exciting time to be a gamer as there have already been some ultra-popular releases in the first few months of the year. MLB The Show 22 arrived just in time for Opening Day of the 2022 Major League Baseball season, while Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga also dropped to provide more content for fans of the long-running franchise.

It looks like another exciting title is slated to hit shelves soon, and it brings a touch of nostalgia with some throwback characters. Catch up here on all the breaking info about the upcoming MythForce, including the release date, platforms, features, gameplay, and more.

Update 21 June 2023: MythForce has been given a release window of 2023 for both PC and Nintendo Switch.

MythForce - Release Date and Platforms

MythForce in game screenshot
MythForce will soon be available for players looking for a flashback to the past. (Picture: Beamdog)

Inspired by cartoons from the 80s, MythForce was described as “pure, unadulterated fun — right out of the Saturday mornings of my childhood,” Beamdog chief executive Trent Oster said. “It’s a big departure from the RPG classics we’re known for, but the Beamdog DNA is evident if you know where to look.”

The upcoming title features nostalgic references to shows like He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers, and The Masters Of The Universe. MythForce will be made available for early access starting 20th April, exclusively on the Epic Games store.

The title will getting a full release on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023. No definitive release date has been revealed as of yet, and the title may make its way to other platforms. 

MythForce - Features and Gameplay

MythForce can be described as a throwback to Saturday morning cartoons crossed over with an immersive RPG experience. Players will become cartoon heroes in a nostalgic 80s fantasy world with exciting content to explore.

There will be a dungeon to explore filled with magical artifacts to upgrade your in-game experience even further. Both legendary weapons and powerful magic are at your fingertips as you attempt to slay hordes of enemies throughout a colourful cartoon castle.

Single-player, as well as Co-Op modes, are available to include up to four players at once with each hero bringing unique skills to the fight. The dungeon is replayable with different treasures, traps, and terrors to keep users on the edge of their seats.

MythForce Co-Op
Enjoy Co-Op gameplay with up to four teammates in MythForce. (Picture: Beamdog)

MythForce Trailer

For an inside look at the gameplay and awesome visuals upcoming at the launch date, check out the trailer for MythForce below. The video is courtesy of Beamdog YouTube.

That's just about everything we know about MythForce thus far. Make sure to stay tuned with GINX as the release date approaches for more game information.


Featured image courtesy of Beamdog.