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Plehxify explains hacking situation - #2 ranked COD Vanguard player

After being caught hacking, the #2 COD Vanguard player in the world responded as Plehxify explained the hacking situation.
Plehxify explains hacking situation - #2 ranked COD Vanguard player
It's certainly been a tumultuous time for the #2 ranked COD Vanguard player in the world as he's finding himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Plehxify was streaming Vanguard gameplay on 11th April when it appeared that he was using hacks, creating an unfair advantage over his opponents.

A viewer posted a clip on Twitter in which it appeared the #2 ranked player in the world was using wallhacks. Of course, Plehxify has now issued a response, with many still unsure what to make of the situation, here's all the latest.

Top 2 COD Vanguard player caught using wallhacks

Plehxify caught cheating COD Vanguard wallhacks
Plehxify was caught using what appeared to be wallhacks in COD Vanguard. (Picture: Plehxify / Activision)

The potential hacks that have gone viral from Plehxify's recent stream reveal the enemy players’ positioning through buildings on the Hardpoint map Tuscan. For obvious reasons, this is a wildly unfair advantage as this essentially creates the ability to see-through walls.

It would seem unnecessary for one of the top COD Vanguard players in the world to hack, but the game has become so synonymous with cheating that it really never is out of the question. Many of Plehxify's competitors have chimed in and they are certainly not pleased with the accusations, prompting a response from the accused player.

Plehxify responds to cheating allegations - COD Vanguard

COD Vanguard Wallhacks Box Cheats
Box hacking has become a major issue for COD Vanguard. (Picture: Activision)

Shortly after the cheating allegations started making the rounds in COD Vanguard circles, Plehxify addressed the situation himself via his personal Twitter account. The #2 ranked Vanguard player provided a long-winded explanation apologizing profusely, and claiming that the hacks were initially used for cammo purposes.

He claims in the apology post that he did not use hacks for competitive gameplay, and achieved his status in an honest fashion. Though judging on the reception from the Vanguard community, it doesn't seem that many are buying his explanation.

The situation is clearly very serious as Plehxify explained he wasn't sure if he would continue to stream or compete in Vanguard play going forward. In an attempt to further cement his case, the streamer provided screenshots of the purchase when he acquired the hacks, have a look for yourself at the situation in the tweets below.

In the apology post, Plehxify explained he didn't expect many to believe his apology and the reactions thus far would certainly suggest as much. Even accounts like CharlieIntel have taken their shot at Plehxify offering their two cents on the situation.

We'll continue to monitor the situation should there be any further developments. To stay tuned, make sure to check out our dedicated Call of Duty page for everything you need to know.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.