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Gang member pulls gun on Arab IRL Twitch stream in Miami

In one of the craziest moments seen on Twitch, a gang member pulled out a gun and threatened streamer Arab during a live IRL stream in Miami.
Gang member pulls gun on Arab IRL Twitch stream in Miami

There's no doubt that the popularity of Twitch has grown bigger and bigger month over month for what feels like forever. It's without a doubt the leading streaming platform in the world of esports, gaming, and entertainment, featuring something for audiences of all types.

While many players tune into Twitch to watch professional competitions like the ongoing VCT Game Changers 2022 tournament, others tune in to watch more casual streams like just chatting or IRL streams. Though not all IRL streams are stress-free, and certainly not for popular creator Arab. He recently had a gun pulled on him by an alleged gang member in Miami while live on Twitch, the video is certainly jarring, to say the least.

Twitch star Arab threatened by gang member during live IRL stream

Arab Twitch stream threatened gang member
Arab is an ultra-popular streamer on Twitch boasting over 585k followers. (Picture: Arab / Twitch)

Arab is one of the more popular streamers on the Twitch platform as he's amassed a giant following over the years through his competitive and creating endeavours. First bursting onto the scene as a very successful professional PC Fortnite player, Arab is now an official Content Creator for team Galaxy Racer Esports.

While he may not be competing in professional Fortnite gameplay anymore, Arab is still a regular streamer on Twitch and provides his audience with tons of premium content. Though his latest viral moment certainly wasn't planned, the situation certainly could have gone south in a hurry.

While down on vacation in Miami, Florida for content creation purposes, Arab was sitting in what looked to be a park or grassy area, hosting an IRL stream and interacting with his audience. As he was conducting his stream, a man laying down nearby started conversing with Arab, and he certainly had the look of a suspicious character.

After a brief exchange, the man asks Arab, "Have you ever seen a gang member?" To which Arab responds, "I haven't, I'm not trying to start any issues." The man retorts, "Have you ever seen a m*********er get killed in Miami?" and begins to start fumbling through his backpack. He then asks Arab, "Are you a f*****g pig or what?" Arab responds "I'm not a pig" and begins to get up to move away as the man is becoming noticeably angry.

Within seconds of standing up and walking away, Arab turns to the camera and says, "That guy just whipped out a gun." Content of this kind is likely a first for Twitch, have a look for yourself below and check out the exchange.

While it was likely a very uncomfortable situation for Arab, he did clip up the content and post it to the tune of hundreds of thousands of views. It's a good thing he made it out ok, and his channels will certainly reap the rewards of yet another viral moment. If you're looking for more content from the world's top streaming platform, go check out the rest of our dedicated Twitch section.


Featured image courtesy of Arab / Twitch.