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Nadeshot's "Sex is temporary, gaming is forever" tattoo unveiled

Nadeshot’s newest tattoo has been revealed by Zedd and we couldn’t be more stoked. Kudos to him for not backing out of his lost bet with fellow 100T member, Froste.
Nadeshot's "Sex is temporary, gaming is forever" tattoo unveiled
Earlier this year we revealed that the CEO of 100 Thieves,  Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, lost a bet to fellow 100T member, Froste. In a tweet, Froste asked how many retweets it would take for him to get a tattoo of the quote “Sex is temporary, gaming is forever”. Thanks to notable influencers, including Ninja, TimTheTatman and others, the bar was set to 100K.

Nadeshot's new tattoo revealed

Of course, the tweet swiftly went viral with the help of other content creators and amassed over 250K retweets. GG well played, gamers. You made this happen.

Despite expressing mild distaste toward Froste, quoting "Just got the stencil on, time to make this permanent. I hate you, Froste" earlier this year, many fans thought he wouldn’t honour his bet. Fortunately, like a true champ, he saw the bet through to the end. Nicely done, sir.

Take a look at the tattoo and let us know what you think. Cringe? Or legendary?

nadeshot tattoo revealed unveiled sex is temporary gaming is forever 100 Thieves zedd froste(Picture: Zedd via Twitter)

Admittingly, the text is only just legible. It also doesn’t look like the tattoo was printed on his neck, as he previously eluded.

The placement of the tattoo seems to be around his leg somewhere; presumably his inner thigh. Although in his defence, there weren’t any stipulations regarding where the tattoo should be placed, or how large it must be for that matter.


Nadeshot tattoo reactions

Reading some of the thread comments are hilarious though, with TimTheTatman coming in with "f*** ya daddy", and 100T co-founder, Jack "CouRage" Dunlop, simply adding "W". Indeed, this one is definitely a win for us all.

Froste also commented "why tf did Zedd tweet this? LMFAO", which we concur might have been a missed opportunity for a larger, hyped reveal. Take a look at Zedd’s Twitter thread below to see what other Twitter users had to say.

Nevertheless, we commend Nadeshot on honouring his bet.

Perhaps this isn’t the new tattoo he was looking for, but at least it’s a memorable one. Gaming is indeed forever. Way to go, big man.