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TimtheTatman discovers insane unlimited money Warzone trick

In a clip that went viral, Timthetatman drops a stack of money besides a chest that, once he opens, drops another stack of cash.
TimtheTatman discovers insane unlimited money Warzone trick
Twitch superstar Timothy "Timthetatman" John Betar has shared a video of him "cracking the code" in Warzone.

The streamer was playing Warzone when he has decided to try something he has previously heard about but didn't believe that it is actually true.

Apparently, there is a glitch in the game, which is really easy to reproduce and which will allow you to have an infinite amount of money during a game.

And the worst thing is that this glitch isn't complicated at all, you simply need to drop a stack of money near a chest, and once you open that chest it will duplicate that money.

In the video Timthetatman has shared, he got money from every single chest he tested, seven of them in total, so it seems that this glitch works almost always.

And although Timthetatman got the money from a chest every single time he tried to reproduce the bug, some players are reporting that the trick doesn't actually work for them, while others say that it sometimes works but sometimes it will not give them money.
It is not clear if there are some specific conditions to be met in order for this glitch to work or if all you need to do is to drop the money near a chest.

warzone infinite duplicate money chest glitch(Picture: Activision)

And although Timthetatman says that he "cracked the code in Warzone", he admits that this wasn't actually his discovery and that he has heard the rumours about it before.

It seems that this glitch appeared at some point during Warzone Season 2, as there are several explainer videos from April showcasing this exact glitch, and all are using the same technique to duplicate money from the chest, by simply dropping a stack of money near an unopened chest.

And while those videos didn't have many views and thus this glitch probably wasn't widely known, now when Timthetatman has shared it, who is one of the biggest Warzone content creators, the fact that this exploit exists could become a real issue for the game, and hopefully, this will prompt Raven Software to react and fix the glitch before things get out of control and everyone starts abusing it.