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When will Nintendo Switch Sports get Golf?

Nintendo Switch Sports is at the center of many gaming circles with players wondering, when will Nintendo Switch Sports get Golf?
When will Nintendo Switch Sports get Golf?

The excitement is building to a crescendo as the release of Nintendo Switch Sports inches closer. Many will remember the first iteration of the series from Wii Sports, which smashed all kinds of records as one of the most popular games of all time.

Now that the platform has moved to Nintendo Switch, many prospective players are inquiring about the sports selection that will be made available in the upcoming title. While there will be multiple new sports, the return of some fan favourites will also be on hand. Leading many to ask the question, when will Nintendo Switch Sports get Golf?

Nintendo Switch Sports - All sports available at release

Nintendo Switch Sports all sports
A number of different games will be available when Nintendo Switch Sports goes live. (Picture: Nintendo)

With the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch Sports set to release on 29th April 2022, players will surely be rushing to get into the game. Nintendo has revealed the six different sports which will be available upon release, but many players are wondering why Golf is missing from the list.

Golf was arguably the most popular game in Wii Sports, with a totally unique experience for players to enjoy. While it won't be available in Nintendo Switch Sports upon initial release, players shouldn't worry as Nintendo has confirmed it will be made available at a later date.

Golf release date - Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports coming in Fall 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports Golf will be added at a later date. (Picture: Nintendo)

Revealed in the trailer for Nintendo Switch Sports, Golf will be arriving in the title at a later date, some months after its initial release. The trailer from Nintendo did not provide a hard date for Golf to release in-game, but it did suggest that Golf would arrive in the fall via an additional software update.

The good news is that it doesn't seem as though Golf will cost players anything extra, it is likely just the biggest facet of the game to add. So perhaps the developers could be playing it slightly delayed to perfect it before launch. Do note there will be an initial test phase for Golf before it goes fully live in-game.

That just about covers everything you'll need to know for Golf in Nintendo Switch Sports. Make sure to stay tuned with GINX for complete and total coverage as the release date approaches for Nintendo Switch Sports.


Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.