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Does Nintendo Switch Sports have Mii Characters?

Nintendo Switch Sports will have plenty of options for characters; however, does that include the use of Mii Characters? Find out the answer here.
Does Nintendo Switch Sports have Mii Characters?

Nintendo Switch Sports was announced officially back in February 2022, and right away, fans were wondering if Mii Characters would be present in the latest game. While many iconic aspects of the Nintendo Sports games were present in the trailer, Miis in general had less screentime.

Of course, using a Mii Character is one of the trademarks of the Nintendo Sports games, regardless of the generation. Ever since the initial release of Wii Sports, the presence of a Mii has been synonymous with the gameplay, even if they are starting to look outdated compared to other options.

Mii Characters in Nintendo Switch Sports

When Nintendo Switch Sports releases in late April, there will be initial options to use a Mii Character if you decide that the classic look is better. Nintendo has already confirmed on social media and through previous trailers that Miis would make a return to the sports game to some degree. 

nintendo switch sports volleyball
Nintendo has confirmed that Miis will be available to use. (Picture: Nintendo)

However, the iconic Mii Characters are not the focal point or the default options for Nintendo Switch Sports. Instead, the new characters are called Sportsmates and will still serve the same function as their predecessors. The main difference is that they will look far more updated in comparison.

Anyone who decides to use a Sportsmate will be able to customize them within the game to create what they'd like. Of course, these Sportsmates can be used against Miis as well, so there will be no difference based on the characters or game modes.

To use a Mii in Nintendo Switch Sports, you may need to create one from scratch on your Nintendo Switch. Start by going to the home page and selecting System Settings. On the left side of the options list, there will be another tab for creating a Mii. All of the classic options for creating one will be available, and it can quickly be saved to your console for use in sports.

Within these same settings, you can edit Mii Characters that already exist. When you press Y to open more options in the creation menu, you'll be able to change the appearance of any character that's saved, and that will transfer to games as well.

nintendo switch sports mate
Sportsmates will be the default characters in Switch Sports. (Picture: Nintendo)

Utilizing an Amiibo is the third option for preparing a Mii character on your Switch before Nintendo Switch Sports releases. Any Mii that you have registered to the Amiibo can be transferred over easily, and like the other creations, they will be available for sports.

That's all there is to using a Mii in Nintendo Switch Sports. Make sure to have yours ready when the release date rolls around in April!

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.