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Out of the Blue code for Fallout 76 Steel Reign

The "Out of the Blue" quest in Fallout 76 Steel Reign has players struggling to crack to code and find the correct password to open the door and enter a lab. This guide will help you find the Out of the Blue quest code.
Out of the Blue code for Fallout 76 Steel Reign
The Steel Reign update has arrived in Fallout 76 and it comes with a brand new adventure for players to dive into.

The Steel Reign questline will bring a conclusion to the Brotherhood of Steel storyline in Fallout 76.

The Steel Reign update further emphasizes interactions with NPC characters, as the absence of NPCs was one of the main reasons for backlash back when the game launched, something which was finally fixed with the Wastelanders update.

There are quite a few intriguing quests in the Steel Reign story, but one seems particularly troublesome for players. We are talking about the "Out of the Blue" quest, or more precisely, the code for unlocking the sealed door and entering a storeroom.

The quest is a rather intricate one and it requires several steps to be completed in a correct sequence, in order to unseal the final door.

If you are stuck with this quest and don't know where to find all the clues and solutions, or you simply want to know the code, this guide will help you.

Out of the Blue quest

The quest starts with Paladin Rahmani, which can be found at Fort Atlas. She will explain to you that Art Knapp, a farmer who supplies the Brotherhood of Steel, is in need of help as his niece has disappeared and nobody knows where she is. To make things even worse, her case is just one of many unresolved disappearances, so something ominous is clearly going on.

Rahmani has a strong feeling that the Blue Ridge Caravan is one to be blamed, and so you and her head off to Blue Ridge's base to investigate the situation.

Joanne Mayfield, head of Blue Ridge, claims that they have nothing to do with it and suggest that we should inspect the Harper Ferry train tunnel and an underground base inside it.

You can find the Harper Ferry train tunnel on your map, go there for the second half of the quest.

Out of the Blue password gudie

Out of the Blue Code for Fallout 76 Steel Reign
(Picture: Bethesda)

Once you enter the tunnel, you will venture deep inside and fight a few ghouls along the way, but eventually, you will stumble upon a sealed door at which point you will not be able to progress further until you unlock the door.

It turns out there was an emergency lockdown procedure, as there was a false report of a gas leak.

In order for the door to open, we will need to prove that there was no gas leak. This can be verified in the pump room, but the pump room is blocked with sturdy strangler vines.

To remove the vines, you will need to get a bottle of herbicide which can be found in a storeroom nearby, but you are out of luck - the storeroom is locked as well!

Out of the Blue Code for Fallout 76 Steel Reign
(Picture: Bethesda)

As you approach the storeroom's door, you'll notice three interactive panels left of the door. You will need to enter passwords in order to unlock them, but what are these codes?

In the room before the locked door, you will find three notes scattered around. Each of them will give you a piece of a clue on how to solve the code.

The note with the "Open Sesame Seed" message tells you the exact password, the second one explains that there is a decryption system for turning letters into numerical characters (as pannels only accept numbers), and the third one will give you a hint by giving you the code for the middle terminal: 8-22-8-26-14-22.

Out of the Blue Code for Fallout 76 Steel Reign
(Picture: Bethesda)

There is a blackboard in the lab and there you will see the system to decipher the code, which is quite easy and simple, but if you don't want to bother with it, below you have the full code:

  • Terminal 3: 12-11-22-13 (Open)
  • Terminal 3: 8-22-8-26-14-22 (Sesame)
  • Terminal 3: 8-22-22-23 (Seed)

And there you have it, use these codes to unlock the storeroom, grab the herbicide, clear the vines, enter the pump room to confirm that there is no leakage and go back all the way to the sealed door which can now be opened and proceed with your quest!

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