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PlayStation servers experience issues for PS4 and PS5 users

Many players were experiencing serious issues on the PlayStation network throughout the morning of 23rd March, here's all the latest.
PlayStation servers experience issues for PS4 and PS5 users

It's been a whirlwind 24 hours for Sony and PlayStation platforms as they went through the wringer of issues. The issue was trending on social media with many players reporting issues being unable to connect to Elden Ring and log in.

It was later revealed that the problem was not exclusive to Elden Ring, as other titles were also experiencing issues. However, it was clear that the issue was exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

Here's a detailed look into all the errors and fixes players experienced throughout the latest PlayStation fiasco.

PlayStation Plus Subscription error

Elden Ring PlayStation Plus error
Many Elden Ring players were unable to connect to the title due to a PlayStation Plus network error. (Picture: PlayStation / FromSoftware)

The main error players were experiencing looked to be stemming from PlayStation Plus connectivity, as it was not recognizing many accounts. For example, when many players attempted to log into Elden Ring or other PlayStation Plus-connected online titles, they were greeted with an error message.

Messages on the screen read 'Could Not Verify PlayStation Plus Subscription’ and prevented players from logging into titles which they had made file saves. PlayStation was very quick to acknowledge the issue and took to Twitter to let players know they were already investigating.

The network issues did seem to be slightly regional, as players in different areas of the world were experiencing no issues at all, while many were unable to access cloud-saved titles. It's entirely possible that the problem stems from the recent system updates for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

PlayStation Network problems - PS4, PS5, PlayStation Plus

While it's certainly frustrating for so many players who are unable to connect to some of their online-saved titles, it is encouraging that PlayStation is on the case. Over the course of the last 12 hours, since the problems first started cropping up, the AskPlayStation Twitter account has been very active in responding and interacting with players to try and solve their issues.

For those not wanting to wait for official fixes from Sony, it's always recommended to run through the gauntlet of re-starts. Here are some quick fixes you should try.

  • Re-start your title quitting out to the PlayStation home page and reloading
  • Re-start your PlayStation console
  • Re-start your internet router
PlayStation Support North America region
PlayStation Support is on the case and should continue to provide updates as they work through fixes. (Picture: PlayStation Support)

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Featured image courtesy of Sony.