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Poinpy Netflix Game - Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, and More

The classic vertical platform game Poinpy is now available on Netflix Games. Here's when it releases, gameplay features, and more.
Poinpy Netflix Game - Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, and More

Poinpy is a new colorful 2D climbing game by publisher Devolver Digital, showcased for the first time at Netflix Geeked Week 2022. It joins the exhaustive menu of mobile games, including those based on popular series like Stranger Things and The Queen's Gambit, now available on Netflix Games.

The streaming platform first announced its gaming subscription service in May last year and has released many games since launching in November 2021. Poinpy, created by Downwell developer Ojiro Fumoto, is one of three Devolver titles to be added to Netflix Games this year.

Here's everything you need to know about Poinpy on Netflix Games, including its release date, gameplay features, and more.

Poinpy Netflix Game - Release Date

Poinpy game
Poinpy is a vertical platformer from Devolver. (Picture: Devolver Digital)

Per its announcement at Netflix's Geeked Week on 10th June 2022, Poinpy is available for download immediately. While some Devolver games will be released at a later date, Poinpy can be played now as long as you have an active subscription and a supported mobile device.

Nearly every modern mobile device can download the game from its respective app store. For Android users, that's the Google Play store, and Apple users will need the Apple Store.

Poinpy Netflix Game - Gameplay Features and Trailer

Poinpy is a vertical platformer, a popular genre in the mobile game world. One of the best comparisons for those unfamiliar with these kinds of games would be the classic game Doodle Jump. Like Doodle Jump, Poinpy's fundamental objective is to keep climbing upward as the game progresses.

Poinpy bounce
Poinpy has mechanics that set it apart. (Picture: Devolver Digital)

If players miss their jump or an enemy kills them, the round is over, and the game restarts. Naturally, as you climb higher, the game becomes increasingly more challenging, and the score will rise much faster.

Poinpy will have the same essential elements compared to older vertical platform games but comprises a few notable mechanics that set it apart. This includes the ability to bounce and slow time as you angle your limited moves.

Slamming downward as an offensive ability and collecting fruits that trail behind you is another aspect that sets the game apart. These fruits will be mixed and fed to a beast that follows you and grows as you make your way upward. Ultimately, the goal is to beat the time and increase your score.

That's everything you need to know about Poinpy on Netflix. The game is available right now across a range of Apple and Android devices.

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Featured image courtesy of Devolver Digital.