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How To Tackle In Roller Champions

Use the tackle in Roller Champions to gain control. A step-by-step guide to tackling in Roller Champions.
How To Tackle In Roller Champions

Roller Champions is a new sports game for Ubisoft fans to play, and offensive features such as tackling are just one element of the broader game. But if you have any hope of grabbing the ball from the other team, you'll need to use your body to knock them to the ground.

There are a lot of controls to track in Roller Champions that can change based on defence or offensive situations. In general, these are split between team controls and ground controls. Team sides will focus on passing and ball control, while the ground side is all for defence and offensive dodges.

Roller Champions - How to tackle

Roller Champions tackle
Tackle the opposing team for control. (Picture: Ubisoft)

To tackle in Roller Champions, you'll want to focus on the overall ground controls within the game. Luckily, tackling is fairly simple and is tied to one button. On PlayStation controllers, hitting "square" will initiate a quick push. For Xbox controllers, that button is "X" in the same position.

Creating enough momentum and looking for the right time to strike is key to getting a great tackle. When done right, that simple button push will give just enough force to hit your opponent to the ground and strip the ball away from them. This opens an opportunity for your team to regain control.

If the opponent is too far away there is another tackle combo that can be used. The tackle dive allows you to throw your own body ahead to knock the opponent down, but there is more risk. On both PlayStation and Xbox controllers, tapping the tackle button twice will initiate a full dive.

On PC platforms, the tackle key can be bound to your liking but will be set to the general interact keys by default. As always, a controller can be used on PC as well and is typically the best way to play Roller Champions.

Using the air tackle in Roller Champions

Roller Champions dive
Use the dive tackle to get more distance with more risk. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Now that the ground controls are set for tackles, there is also an option for tackles when you are in the air as well. While most of the game will take place on the ground using roller skates, there are opportunities where getting some air is ideal.

There is a simple jump button in Roller Champions which is "X" on PlayStation controllers or "A" on Xbox controllers. Mixing the jump with the described tackle will cause you to charge the opponent with some air time. It's another great option for taking down the carriers who are elusive from above.

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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.