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Does Saints Row 2022 Have Cheat Codes?

Cheat codes remain a staple in games like Saints Row. Check out this guide that covers everything we know about the new Saints Row 2022 cheat codes.
Does Saints Row 2022 Have Cheat Codes?

The new Saints Row 2022 Reboot was released by developer Deep Silver on the 23rd August, 2022, with new features, character customization, and weapon customization. Longtime fans of the series looked forwards to creating as much carnage as possible.

This guide explains everything we know about the Saints Row 2022 Reboot cheat codes, including how they could be used. 

Will Saints Row have cheats in the 2022 Reboot? 

saints row cheat codes reboot 2022
Currently, there has been no indication that the new Saints Row 2022 Reboot will include cheat codes. (Picture: Deep Silver)

In games like Saints Row, cheating, gambling, and all kinds of illegal activities are encouraged.  However, at the current time of writing, there are, unfortunately, no cheat codes for the new Saints Row 2022 Reboot.

That is not to say the developer Deep Silver won't release cheat codes post-launch, especially since they've been such a staple part of the series in the past.

As soon as any cheats become available for the new Saints Row, we will endeavor to update this article with the cheat codes for your convenience.  

will saints row have cheat codes in the new 2022 reboot
Cheat codes had been a staple in the game's popularity. (Picture: Deep Silver)

For those who enjoy Saints Row 2022, we suspect Volition could one day add cheats into the game as a way to keep players interested.

Although, do note that cheat codes will hinder you from progressing in the game; therefore, you would not receive any achievements while cheat codes were active. To prevent this, you must save your progress in a new file to avoid any loss. Then, you will be able to return at any given point, or you could start a new game.

Previously, you could use cheat codes once you had access to a cellphone. Then, bring up the number pad and punch your preferred cheat code. 


And that concludes our guide on whether the Saints Row 2022 Reboot has cheat codes.

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Featured image courtesy of Deep Silver.