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SonicFox accused of abusing Adderal, calls out Perfect Legend for endorsing transphobia

The Mortal Kombat, Skullgirls, and DBFZ icon says their Adderall is proscribed for their ADHD.
SonicFox accused of abusing Adderal, calls out Perfect Legend for endorsing transphobia

Being as successful and outspoken as Dominique "SonicFox" McLean will almost naturally attract those looking to bring you down, and that's exactly what the 23-year-old has to deal with daily, with SonicFox being accused of abusing Adderall to enhance their performance.

SonicFox, a prolific (and highly influential) fighting game player across multiple titles such as Mortal Kombat X, Mortal Kombat 11, Skullgirls, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and most recently Guilty Gear Strive, has never hidden the fact they have been prescribed medication to help with their attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), with Adderall being utilized in SonicFox's treatment.

For some of their detractors, SonicFox's mental health issues don't seem to matter, as McLean shared a post made on Mortal Kombat 11 pro player Carl "Perfect Legend" White's personal Facebook, implying that the fighting game legend is abusing the substance to enhance his performance. .

Ado Joestar, the person who commented about SonicFox's documented usage of Adderall and a personal friend of Perfect Legend, proceeded to mock McLean's nonbinary pronoun usage, referring to them as "it" in the process. 

sonicfox adderall
"Sonic is always doped up when 'they' plays in competition, since 'it' has so many mental issues," Joestar wrote. (Picture: SonicFox)

This made SonicFox call out Perfect Legend for "endorsing transphobia," as instead of putting a stop to Joestar's comments, he simply added that "it's healthy for Americans to have an open dialogue." 

"I never really liked mans but damn did I ever think he would go as low as to endorse transphobia and compare pills for mental health to function as a 'normal' person as performance-enhancing," SonicFox tweeted out.

Perfect Legend, a renowned Mortal Kombat veteran in his own right, is perhaps more known to the general FGC for losing a grudge match against SonicFox 13-0, an event he's had to live with for the past years, comparing the abuse he's gotten as a result to that SonicFox faces for being an openly non-binary gay personality. 

"Do you think I am cool with being referred to as 13-0?" Legend replied to someone who criticised him for not stepping up when Joestar referred to SonicFox as "it," adding: "Why is one disrespect held higher than another?"

Naturally, SonicFox clapped back, addressing the ridiculousness of Perfect Legend's initial comparison. 
sonicfox perfect legend
(Picture: SonicFox)

Legend then went as far as to make an entirely separate post claiming that he wouldn't address Joestar's disrespectful behaviour on the premise that he's been dealing with "trolls" for the past few years, making SonicFox directly responsible for their actions.

That response didn't cause SonicFox to cede his point, coming back with a more direct response, telling Perfect Legend to take his "open dialogue and shove it up (his) ass s**thead".
"You don’t have to like me to not endorse transphobia or make asinine comments about mental health," Sonic said in the same tweet.
It remains to be seen if this beef will have any consequences for either player involved. SonicFox is currently sponsored by Evil Geniuses, meanwhile, Perfect Legend is a ProtonGaming rep.