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Sons of the Forest - Release date, trailer, and more

It's time to sharpen those survival skills once again before the upcoming release date and return to the forest with Sons of the Forest.
Sons of the Forest - Release date, trailer, and more

Announced a few years ago at the 2019 Game Awards, Sons of the Forest is an anticipated survival horror game developed by Endnight Games. A sequel to the popular survival game The Forest which quickly became a success.

Very little official information has been released thus far, but a few details can be found in the game trailers. Even with such sparse detail covering the game, fans have been waiting patiently to get back into the forest, try their hand at surviving, and learn more about the mutants in the forest.

Sons of the Forest - Release Date and Trailer

Sons of the Forest hunting turtles
Hunting will be crucial for survival in Sons of the Forest. (Photo: Endnight Games)

After a few setbacks and delays, the new Sons of the Forest release date is set for 20th May 2022, according to the most recent trailer. Endnight Games has remained silent on the game’s progression, except for the trailers, which can be a good sign as we inch closer to the projected date.

To get a glimpse of Sons of the Forest, you can have a look below at the chilling trailer, officially uploaded by IGN.

Sons of the Forest - Gameplay and Features

The trailers reveal a lot of returning mechanics from The Forest. For example, the ability to build different shapes and structures. Using the surrounding environment to survive will be a key feature of the title.

With updated graphics, the gameplay mechanics also appear the same when using tools, fighting with weapons, and gathering supplies. Players can only assume that the new game will come with a whole new repertoire of tools and weapons to help navigate, survive, and discover the jaw-dropping mysteries of the forest.

The trailers reveal a plethora of new and spooky mutants that players will come across while exploring the open land.

Sons of the Forest - Lore and Storyline

Sons of the Forest skull and fire
Can you survive and discover the secrets behind the forest? (Photo: Endnight Games)

The end of The Forest left players with two alternative endings. One of the main characters loses a loved one and stays silent about the forest’s location, but the second ending shows that he saves his son’s life and writes a book about the adventures.

The second ending reveals a much older son investigating “site 2” which would give a strong starting point for Son’s of the Forest to take place.

Make sure to check back with GINX for all your Sons of the Forest questions and inquiries ahead of the highly-anticipated release.


Featured image courtesy of Punish / Endnight Games.