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Soft Caps for all stats in Elden Ring

Soft Caps in Elden Ring affect the benefits your character receives from levelling up, and here is the complete list of them for each stat.
Soft Caps for all stats in Elden Ring

There’s a lot of freedom and little in-game information with the Elden Ring levelling system, so it’s important to know that there’s a soft cap on all these stats.

Elden Ring doesn’t just do this to players once, but multiple times for each stat. A soft cap is when levelling a stat starts rewarding less than it had before. For example, the first soft cap for Vigor is at level 40 and rewards half as many health points.

The weapon-based attributes such as Strength and Dexterity affect various portions of character stats. The soft caps for these attributes decrease the overall points distributed to these different stats.

There are different soft caps for each stat. Each cap affects the stat differently than the cap before it. All stats have a hard cap at 99 where players are no longer able to progress any further.

Soft Caps in Elden Ring - All Stats

The first Soft Cap for Vigor doesn’t happen until 40 points.
The first Soft Cap for Vigor doesn’t happen until 40 points. (Picture: FromSoftware via YouTube / KamiGG)

The Vigor Soft Caps

Vigor is the stat that governs how much health your character has. Vigor can also help boost points for Fire Defense and Immunity.

  • 40- Health Points decrease from 26 to 13

  • 60- Health Points decrease from 13  to either 5 or 6

  • 90- Health Points decrease to 3 or 4 points

The Mind Soft Caps

Mind is the attribution that controls your character’s FP or Focus Points. You’ll want to have a high Mind level if you plan on using magic for fighting or supporting yourself.

  • 20- FP increases by 6

  • 50- 8 or 9 FP gained per level

  • 55- FP decreases from 7 to 4 with each level

  • 60- FP increases by 2 or 3 points

The Endurance Soft Caps

Endurance is the main stat that affects the player’s stamina points. Stamina is important to execute attacks and roll. It can also affect points in Defense Power and Body. 

A player’s max equip load increases with Endurance allowing for heavier equipment.

  • 12- Receive 1 and 2 Stamina points alternatively each level

  • 18- 2 and 1 Stamina points alternatively for each level

  • 32- Receive 1 and 2 Stamina points alternatively each level

  • 50- 1 Stamina point every three levels

Endurance alternates between how many points it gives you each level.
Endurance alternates between how many points it gives you each level. (Picture: FromSoftware)

The Strength Soft Caps

Strength is an attribute that allows you to wield higher-level strength-based weapons. It also can increase the amount of damage you do with weapons in your right hand and left hand. 

Strength also influences properties in Defense Power.

  • 20

  • 55

  • 80

The Dexterity Soft Caps

Dexterity allows you to wield dexterity-based weapons. This stat also improves how much damage is done by your weapons. It might be useful to learn more about the weapon types to know what you need.

Upon levelling, Dexterity grants more damage done with right-hand and left-hand armaments along with points in Defense Power and Body. 

  • 20

  • 55

  • 80

The Intelligence Soft Caps

Intelligence is the stat that allows for wielding of intelligence-based weapons. If you’re playing a sorcerer class or one that relies on using intelligence weapons such as a magical staff or a magic bow.

  • 20

  • 55

  • 80

The Faith Soft Caps

Faith is the main attribution that governs the ability to use most incantations. Faith is another stat that can affect whether you can wield certain weapons. 

  • 20

  • 55

  • 80

The Arcane Soft Caps

Arcane is the stat that affects certain weapons as well as the Discovery stat. Discovery allows players to have higher drops rates from enemies. Arcane also increases Holy Defense.

  • 20

  • 50

  • Hard Cap at 80

Featured Image Courtesy of FromSoftware