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Splatoon 3 – All New Weapons, Battle Stages, Amiibo, Customizations, More

An ink-redible battle awaits players with new weapons, battle stages, and plenty more at launch for Nintendo's third-person shooter, Splatoon 3.
Splatoon 3 – All New Weapons, Battle Stages, Amiibo, Customizations, More

Get ready to do some ink-redible battle as Nintendo unveils new information for its upcoming party third-person shooter, Splatoon 3. The game was in the spotlight during the recent Nintendo Direct presentation in which the publisher gave players a first look into the game and new features and content available at launch.

While the game’s story mode is still tightly guarded, even with a month left until its release, we were still treated to several ink-packed reveals and announcements. We’ll look at all the new content and features that will be included at the launch of Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 – All New Weapons

During the Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo unveiled all the weapons appearing in the upcoming third-person shooter. With returning, several new weapons players can try their hand at once Splatoon 3 launches, which are split up into regular or standard weapons and Special weapons.

splatoon 3 nintendo direct presentation new weapons the tri-stringer
The Tri-Stringer is one of a handful of new weapons players can look forward to utilizing in matches. (Picture: Nintendo)
  • The Tri-Stringer: bow-like weapon which fires long-range paint and has a charged-up ability for a powerful burst
  • The Splatana Wiper: this sword weapon can fire ink from its long-range swipes within a large area and has a charge-up ability to help allies scale walls faster.

  • The Tacticooler: using this weapon will have a vending machine on the stage, allowing allies to get a boost in stats and abilities

  • The Reefslider: Inklings can use this weapon to summon a shark pool and attack enemies by launching ink at them when swimming across the arena.

  • The Wave Breaker: a beacon that releases energy waves, locates enemy positions, and inflicts damage.

Splatoon 3 – All New Battle Stages

The array of uniquely designed battle stages featured across the Splatoon entries has made this game such a fun and casual yet competitive experience. Splatoon 3 will have 12 varying stages available in-game at launch as Nintendo has planned for more to arrive through expansion packs post-launch.

Inklings may recognize a few battle stages like Museum d’Alfonsino, Hammerhead Bridge, and Mahi-Mahi Resort; there are several new additions you can look forward to battling out. Some of the latest battles stages that were revealed during the Nintendo Direct presentation include the following:

splatoon 3 nintendo direct presentation new battle stages scorch gorge
There are several new battle stages to debut in the upcoming Splatoon 3, including the outdoor stage, Scorch Gorge. (Picture: Nintendo)
  • Scorch Gorge
  • Eeltail Alley
  • Hagglefish Market
  • Mincemeat Metalworks
  • Undertow Spillway

Splatoon 3 – All New Amiibo

Nintendo will bring back some fan-favorite Amiibo for more paint-balling fun, but three new Amiibo will launch in time for the Holidays. Coming soon this Winter for $15.99, Octoling Blue, Inkling Yellow, and Smallfry will be available to acquire as players can scan to receive exclusive gear plus additional perks like capturing pictures with them included.

Splatoon 3 – Customization Features

One of the most significant changes to the third-person shooter is the plethora of customization options available to players in Inkpolis. Players now can utilize a customizable badge mechanic, Splashtags, to proudly show off your favorite banner, badge, and unique title.

According to Nintendo, you can use the Locker feature to store away your favorite weapon, outfits, stickers, and more. Players can alter the appearance of their locker with the variety of colors available and view the lockers of other players they have recently played matches with.

Nintendo appears to be embracing customization more extensively by providing players more options to create and customize. You can now purchase emotes, gear, Splashtag items, and plenty more from the Hotlantis shop, which will refresh its inventory; however, its frequency has to be announced.

Splatoon 3 will launch on 9th September 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch consoles. Players can start pre-ordering their copy today via the Nintendo eShop and various retailers worldwide, with the Splatoon 3 Splatfest demo arriving on 27th August 2022.

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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.