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Steam Bash Bash Sale To Discount Multiple Hack-And-Slash Games

Steam Bash Bash sale precedes Next Fest 2022, offering week-long discounts on many hack-and-slash games.
Steam Bash Bash Sale To Discount Multiple Hack-And-Slash Games

Steam Bash Bash 2022 is the next major sale by Valve, sandwiched perfectly between the recent Survival Fest and Next Fest: October 2022. The event will celebrate classic hack-and-slashers, and spectacle fighters, allowing gamers to look forward to discounts and demos of unreleased titles over the event period. Here's what to know about Steam Bash Bash, including the dates, participating games, and more.

Everything To Know About Steam Bash Bash Sale 2022

when is steam bash bash 2022 sale
Steam Bash Bash will run for one week and precedes Next Fest 2022. (Picture: Valve)

Steam Bash Bash will run from 19th September 2022 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) to 26th September 2022 at the same time. The sale will include discounts and demos on current and unreleased games of all kinds.

Participating games

Among the many genres in the Steam Bash Bash sale are character action games, spectacle fighters, hack-and-slash, and Musou games. The sale will also feature games emphasizing combat with melee weapons as the primary mechanic.

These may include games with RPG elements, third-person gameplay, fast-paced combat, swordplay or shooting, tracked combat combos or a visual representation of damage being dealt, character moveset, and score or ranking system.

steam bash bash sale
Steam Bash Bash will feature several discounted hack-and-slash game titles. (Picture: Sony / Capcom)

Ineligible games

Notably, Valve outlined some games that might not be eligible for the Steam Bash Bash sale:

  • Action RPG
  • Action-Adventure
  • Looter Shooters
  • Souls-like
  • Beat 'em ups, specifically, sidescrollers with limited environmental movement during combat and a heavy focus on platforming
  • Arena fighters
  • Pure twin-stick shooters
  • More adventure/platform/puzzle-oriented games (e.g., Prince of Persia)

Like many other Steam sales, Bash Bash is an official themed sale and will be promoted significantly on the Steam homepage and via the platform's official social media channels. So all you need to do is navigate to the Steam store to see which discounted titles are available.

And that concludes everything you need to know about the Steam Bash Bash sale. Feel free to check out our article on all the upcoming Steam sales in 2022 for more awesome deals.

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Featured image courtesy of Valve / Steam.