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AnnieFuchsia milks cow in New World, gets perma banned by accident

Famous Twitch streamer and MMO veteran AnnieFuchsia received a ridiculous ban in New World which was absolutely hilarious.
With Amazon's New World now in its closed beta phase, several big names in the MMO community jumping into the world of Aeternum. One of these closed beta members is AnnieFuchsia, an MMO veteran and content creator. Annie's first day in New World didn't exactly go as planned, however, as a hilarious incident occurred where she received a permanent ban from the game shortly after milking a cow. We know, udderly ridiculous, right?

AnnieFuchsia's New World ban and cow milking

Minding her own business in a stream on 20th July, AnnieFuchsia was milking a cow. As she gently squeezed the milk out of a cow, she received a "permenant ban".

AnnieFuchsia twitch new world ban cow milking asmongold permanent banned amazon
(Picture: Amazon / AnnieFuchsia)

Just like all her fans watching, AnnieFuchsia was completely baffled by this perma ban from New World. Laughing, she noted how the word "permanent" wasn't even spelt correctly.

Check out the clip below:

Thankfully, famous World of Warcraft content creator Asmongold jumped in and called AnnieFuchsia.

Asmongold explained: "I was calling you because my chat was telling me you got banned."

AnnieFuchsia twitch new world ban cow milking asmongold permanent banned amazon
(Picture: Amazon / AnnieFuchsia)

With a smile on his face, Asmongold continued to explain that: "I talked to someone from New World. They’re watching the stream and they said it was an accident, and they’re looking into it.”

AnnieFuchsia asked "so it is okay to milk cows" and Asmongold responded by jokingly saying "unfortunately", at which point AnnieFuchsia responded with "What do you mean, unfortunately? That’s a great thing. It means we can drink milk."

The combination of the ban occurring just as she milked a cow, Asmongold's comments, as well as the spelling mistake by the developer all make this a lighthearted and hilarious affair.

AnnieFuchsia got unbanned quickly afterwards and continued playing, before running into some internet issues. However, she will be back to stream more New World soon, and we are udderly excited to see what happens next.

Please note: No actual cows were milked in the making of this ordeal.

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