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How to do an uppercut in Roller Champions

Today well show you how to do an uppercut in Roller Champions and take your game to a new level.
How to do an uppercut in Roller Champions

The new Roller Champions video game is taking fans by storm with its unique aesthetic, fun gameplay, and unique modes with exciting achievements to unlock. So once you get into the game, you should get used to the basic moves you can do, and one of those moves is the uppercut.

This might sound pretty straightforward, but the uppercut in Roller Champions is more than just hooking your opponent's chin. So to elaborate more on this move, here is our guide on to do an uppercut in Roller Champions.

How to do an uppercut in Roller Champions

Performing an uppercut is fairly simple to do; players simply need to press the Circle button for Playstation or B button for Xbox controllers, and the equivalent that you have mapped out on your keyboard if you're on a PC.

How to do an uppercut in Roller Champions using the circle or B buttons to do uppercut
Players can perform the uppercut using the Circle or B Buttons on their controller, and corresponding key on keyboard. (Picture: Ubisoft)

The move is quite different from the usual understanding we have for uppercuts in games. When you use it, it launches your character into the air and sends anything you collide with up with you. 

Players can use this to minimal effect against other players, but it is mainly used for goaltending. This is done when an opponent shoots the ball to score a point, and you use the uppercut to hit the ball away and deflect the shot.

However, the uppercut is also a pretty tactical move, as you can use it at any time to launch yourself into the air and gain some hang time to perform some other moves. One of which, as stated by the developers of the game, is the air tackle, which can put down an opposing player and snatch the ball away from them over a long distance. 

This makes the uppercut more than just a defensive strategy, as the height gained when using it can lend to some other moves players can do. For instance, use it to launch yourself, then use the momentum you get as you descend to break into a full-speed pace around the track. 

This speed can be quite useful when you're taking the risk to do more than one lap and gain more points when you score a point. And you can use it to escape an oncoming tackle and give yourself time to recover or see the positions of your teammates from higher up. 

How to do an uppercut in Roller Champions the uppercut can be used tactically as well
Players can use the uppercut for tactical purposes as well in Roller Champions. (Picture: Ubisoft)

All in all, the uppercut is a useful move and doesn't make you overpowered in any sense; it simply gives players the chance to be more tactical with their play if they choose to use it wisely. 

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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft