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What is a portal kill in Splitgate: How to earn the Trickster trophy?

This guide will help you to earn that portal kill achievement with ease in Splitgate.
While Splitgate is currently in beta, that doesn’t mean there are no achievements or trophies to earn during your playtime with the game. 

Players have tried to complete a wide variety of achievements during the extended beta period, like the Pantheon Race. These achievements are important to completionists and those who hunt trophies while playing. One of the tougher trophies to earn in Splitgate is called the “Trickster” trophy and it requires a very specific action. 

That action isn’t explained to players within the game, but luckily, we know exactly how you can earn the trophy in Splitgate.

Earning the Trickster Trophy in Splitgate

What is a portal kill in Splitgate: How to earn the Trickster trophy?
Portals are the main draw of Splitgate’s gameplay. (Picture: 1047 Games)

The basis for the Trickster trophy in Splitgate is to earn a portal kill. Players might think they know what that is, based on their time with the shooter, but most actually don’t. While many think it’s simply killing an enemy who’s gone through your portal, the process is a little more complex than that. 

A portal kill in Splitgate is when your portal is the cause for an enemy’s death by falling. This means that when an enemy goes through your portal, they fall to their death. The kicker with this achievement is that the enemy needs to be at full HP when they die. If they aren’t, the portal kill will not count.

This is extremely difficult for players to pull off, as it’s mostly based on luck whether an enemy chooses to go through your portal or not. However, players have reported great success on maps like Abyss, Olympus, Highwind and Crag

What is a portal kill in Splitgate: How to earn the Trickster trophy?
A portal kill medal in Splitgate. (Picture: 1047 Games/Twisted the Gamer)

These maps have portal pads in the out of bounds portion of the map, meaning players can place one portal on these pads and then another in a high-traffic area of the map. With any luck, an enemy player will go through the portal and then fall out of bounds to their death.

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