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Wild Rift
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DKG becomes the first team to qualify for Wild Rift Worlds 2021

Da Kun Gaming becomes the first team to qualify for Wild Rift World Championship 2021 by winning the Spark Invitational.
Leo Faria, the head of Wild Rift esports, revealed in July 2021 that Riot Games want to build a new esports ecosystem for League of Legends: Wild Rift that is self-sustaining and independent of LoL Esports on PC.

In addition to this, he also confirmed that there will be a Wild Rift World Championship by the end of 2021 with the winners from different regional tournaments qualifying.

DKG becomes first team to qualify for Wild Rift Worlds 2021
Spark Invitational Grand Finale was between Da Kun Gaming and Team for Champion. (Picture: Riot Games)

DKG aka Da Kun Gaming from China became the first team to qualify for Wild Rift Worlds 2021 by winning the Spark Invitational Grand Finals after beating Team For Champion by 4-1. In addition to this, DKG lost only two games in the entire tournament making them a strong contender for the trophy at World Championship.


As of now, not much information is available regarding Wild Rift Worlds 2021, however, as per WRCompetitive on Twitter a total of ten teams will qualify for it. Here is the slot distribution:

  • China: Two (LPL Qualifier and the Spark Invitational)
  • Southeast Asia: Two (SEA Championship)
  • Europe: One (Origin Series)
  • North America: One (Summoner Series)
  • Korea: One (KR Qualifier)
  • Japan: One (Japan Cup)
  • LATAM: One (Lolcito Salvaje Abierto)
  • Brazil: One (Wild Tour)

In addition to this, Riot has also announced the schedule for Wild Rift: Origin Series Championship which will take place from 24th to 26th September in Stockholm, Sweden. A total of six qualified teams will battle out in the championship for the ultimate trophy and a prize pool of €300,000.

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