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Wild Rift
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News > MOBA > Wild Rift

Stargazer skin line and others coming to Wild Rift patch 2.2

Within the announced content, a new collection of skins exclusive for the mobile game has been presented.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is set to launch in North and South America, and with its release with come the v2.2 patch bringing with it five new champions, new events, QoL changes and the very first Wild Pass.

Among the announcements, the developers presented some of the new skins that will be released throughout the new update, with several new surprises that will have a cosmic style.

Stargazer skin line

As part of the revealed content, a new skin theme will be available through the mobile game, being one of the first skin lines to be released exclusively in Wild Rift.

“The Stargazers are godlike archivists who can see and influence fate by studying the stars.” commented Jane 'DjangoUnjaned' Chen, spokesperson for the Wild Rift presentation.

As part of this new theme, three skins will be introduced during the update:

Stargazer Camille

StarGazer skin line camile

Stargazer Twisted Fate

StarGazer skin line Twisted Fate

Stargazer Soraka

StarGazer skin line sokara

These skins will be available in conjunction with a special event, which will be announced in the next few weeks.

New skins

In addition to the above, more skins originally released on the PC version will be available within Wild Rift.

God-King Darius

God-King Darius

Blood Mood Kennen

Blood mood kennan

Corgi Corki

Corgi Corki

Draven Draven

Draven Draven

Scorched Earth Renekton

Scorched Earth Renekton

League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.2 and all its new content, will be available starting on 29th March, along with the release of the open beta in the Americas.