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Wild Rift 2.3 update: Irelia release date, abilities and more

Riot has revealed that Irelia is coming to the Wild Rift 2.3 update and here is what we know about her.
Wild Rift 2.3 update: Irelia release date, abilities and more

Riot Games recently released the League of Legends: Wild Rift 2.2c update and now the developers are getting the next update ready, ahead of its rollout in less than two weeks. Wild Rift 2.3 update will release on 1st July and will add a bunch of new champions, skins, events and more to the game, along with bug fixes and improvements. 

Meanwhile, one of the upcoming champions, Irelia, has been confirmed to arrive with the upcoming patch and here are the complete details about her, including her release date, abilities and more.

Irelia - release date

Following the pattern from the previous update, Irelia, the Blade Dancer, is expected to release around 3rd July, though there is no official release date announced yet. She is one of the many heroes produced by the Noxian occupation of Ionia and uses her deadly blades and moves to attack the enemies to preserve her homeland.

Irelia's abilities

Irelia wild rift abilitiesIrelia, the Blade Dancer Abilities (Picture: Riot Games)

The abilities of Irelia have not been announced yet, but we have listed them below as per League of Legends. However, like a bunch of other champions in Wild Rift, she might have different abilities from the PC version, which will be revealed in the dev diary by the end of May. 

Irelia plays the role of a fighter and has a different a moderate level of difficulty, and here are her abilities:

  • Ionian Fervor (Passive): When Irelia strikes enemies with spells, she gains stacking bonus Attack Speed. At maximum stacks, she also gains bonus damage on hit.
  • Bladesurge (Ability 1): Irelia dashes forward to strike her target, healing herself. If the target is Marked or dies to Bladesurge, its cooldown refreshes.
  • Defiant Dance (Ability 2): Irelia charges a strike that deals more damage as she charges. She takes reduced physical damage during the charge.
  • Flawless Duet (Ability 3): Irelia sends out two blades that converge on each other. Enemies caught in between are damaged, stunned and Marked.
  • Vanguard’s Edge (Ultimate): Irelia fires a massive number of blades that explode outward upon hitting an enemy champion. Enemies hit by the blades are damaged and Marked. Afterwards, the blades form a wall that will damage and slow enemies that walk through it.

Riot will reveal more features coming to the League of Legends: Wild Rift 2.3 update in the upcoming weeks, and once the patch is released, players will be able to download it from Google Play Store and App Store on their devices.