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Wild Rift 2.3b patch notes: Lucian and Senna debut, Sentinels of Light event, new skins, accessories and more

Take a look at the patch notes for the update 2.3b of League of Legends: Wild Rift, featuring the debut of the Sentinels of Light, and the arrival of the Ruin to the Rift.
Wild Rift 2.3b patch notes: Lucian and Senna debut, Sentinels of Light event, new skins, accessories and more

After two weeks of great anticipation, and with a massive event already teased for every game in Riot’s repertoire, the patch notes for the update 2.3b of League of Legends: Wild Rift have finally been released.

While this update will make some minor changes to a bunch of champions, just to balance the metagame, the main feature of the patch will bring the Black Mist into the game, as the Ruined King continues its advance through the realms of Runeterra.

Lucian and Senna make their debut

To challenge the power of Viego, and stop his path of vengeance, two new champions will arrive to the game to fight against the Ruin, and ready to battle any dark entity who opposes the light.

Starting with Lucian the Purifier, he is one of the Sentinels of Light, a grim hunter of undying spirits who pursues them relentlessly and annihilates them with the help of his twin relic pistols.

Wild Rift Lucian splashart
(Picture: Riot Games)

Merciless and single-minded, Lucian will stop at nothing to protect the living from the long-dead horrors of the Black Mist, as he fights alongside her wife, Senna

Senna the Redeemer has a long story dealing with the Black Mist, as she was once imprisoned into Thresh’s lantern, however, within it Senna learned to use the Mist, and reemerged to new life.

Wild Rift Senna splashart
(Picture: Riot Games)

Now wielding darkness along with light, Senna seeks to end the Black Mist with every blast of her relic weapon, redeeming the souls lost within.

Both Lucian and Senna will be available in Wild Rift on 9th July, 2021, just in time to battle against the Ruin in the featured event of this patch.

Sentinels of Light

As the Black Mist engulfs Runeterra, an ancient order must bolster its ranks to protect the fading light. Players will join the Sentinels in their quest to stop the Ruination and witness their stories from the front line.

Wild Rift Sentinels of Light
(Picture: Riot Games)

The Sentinels of Light event will be a multi-title global event that will be featured around all of the games within the League of Legends universe. Details for Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and Valorant will be revealed later on.

This event will be available from 9th July.

Champion and rune changes

As we said earlier, champions will receive just a few tweaks to balance the state of the meta, according to their performance on the ranked season.


  • (2) Blood Rush: Movement Speed: 40/45/50/55% → 50/55/60/65%
  • (3) Stand Aside: Cooldown: 18/16/14/12s → 15/14/13/12s


  • (P) Seastone Trident: Bonus damage to monsters: 200% → 150%


  • (3) Judgment: Base damage: 15/20/25/30 → 11/14/17/20, and AD ratio: 0.25/0.3/0.35/0.4 → 0.3/0.35/0.4/0.45
  • (Ult) Demacian Justice: Base damage: 150/300/450 → 150/275/400, missing health percentage damage: 20/25/30% → 15/20/25% +8% per 100 bonus AD, and max damage towards epic monsters: 600/600/600


  • Base Stats: Base mana regen: 15 → 18
  • (1) Bladesurge: Base damage: 10/40/70/100 → 15/45/75/105, and Healing Attack Damage ratio: 0.14/0.16/0.18/0.2 → 0.19/0.21/0.23/0.25
  • (3) Flawless Duet: Base damage: 70/120/170/220 → 100/150/200/250
  • (Ult) Vanguard’s Edge: Barrage base damage: 125/225/325 → 125/250/375, and Bladewall damage: 75/125/175 → 100/150/200


  • (Ult) Super Mega Death Rocket!: Maximum damage on epic monsters: 500/650/800


  • Base Stats: Armor: 35 → 30
Wild Rift Riven and Irelia
(Picture: Riot Games)


  • (1) Taste Their Fear: Base damage: 65/100/135/170 → 60/95/130/165


  • (3) Frenzying Taunt: Attack Speed: 50/60/70/80 → 35/45/55/65%


  • (3) Valor: Shield Strength: 95/135/175/215 → 105/145/185/225

Twisted Fate

  • Base Stats: Armor: 35 → 30


  • (2) Silver Bolts: Base damage: 30/50/70/90 → 50/65/80/95
  • (Ult) Final Hour: Cooldown: 80/70/60s → 75/65/55s


  • Base Stats: Armor: 35 → 30

Some other changes have been revealed as well for ARAM, modifying basic stats in terms of damage, healings, and shields for a dozen of champions. You can take a look at these in the patch notes from Riot’s website.

As for the runes, the Second Wind will be nudged down to bring it in line with the other Resolve runes, as it was a bit too strong.

  • Passive flat health regen: 6 HP every 5 seconds → 5 HP every 5 seconds
  • Regeneration after taking damage from a champion: tooltip fixed to match actual functionality
  • After taking damage from a champion, regenerate 3 + 1.5% missing health over 10 seconds (doubled for melee champions).
  • Previously read 6 + 3%
  • Actual healing values from this effect are unchanged

New skins and accessories

Last but not least, a big bunch of new content will arrive into the game as part of the Sentinels of Light arrival, featuring icons, emotes, spawn tags, a special border and a couple of baubles for you to pick up.

Wild Rift 2.3b accessories
(Picture: Riot Games)

And as always, the debut of new champions will bring a skin for each one of them into the game. This time the chosen skins have been Hired Gun Lucian, and True Damage Senna.

Wild Rift 2.3b skins
(Picture: Riot Games)

The two skins will be added into the in-game store starting 9th July, while the accessories revealed will be released throughout the patch.

And that’s all we got to share with you about the new patch, besides, there could be a couple of surprises waiting to be revealed as the start of a new Ranked season and a new Wild Pass is just around the corner.

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