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Wild Rift
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Wild Rift 2.4 update to introduce champion ban system

The Champion Ban system will be introduced in the Wild Rift 2.4 system, allowing players to prevent the usage of a total of six champions in the match.

Wild Rift 2.4 update is going to release on 16th July and will be introducing new champions, accessories, events and more to the game. In addition to this, present champions, items and runes will also receive balance changes. 

Among all the upcoming features, the champion ban system is the one that players have been waiting for since the release of League of Legends: Wild Rift. The banning system will work just like League of Legends i.e. before the start of each Ranked match in the game, there will be a Banning Phase in which the bottom three players on the list of each team will be able to ban three champions. 

Wild Rift 2.4 update brings Champion Ban System
Banning Phase (Picture: Riot Games)

This means that players will not be able to use six banned champions in that particular match. Because of the small champion pool in Wild Rift at the moment, Riot has decided to keep the number of banned champions to six however they intend to increase the number to five in the future.

Wild Rift 2.4 update brings Champion Ban System
Six champions banned (Picture: Riot Games)

In addition to this, they have allowed players to pick champions from free-to-play rotation in Ranked games to avoid the champions shortage in case the enemy team bans all of your champions. 

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