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Wild Rift Ashe's Trial guide: All missions, rewards, more

Riot's mobile MOBA gets its third event - Ashe's Trial - and this one is all about those precious Poro coins.
Wild Rift Ashe's Trial guide: All missions, rewards, more

If you are lucky enough to have played Wild Rift yet (sorry Americas) you will know just what a polished experience it is.

Now in into Season 1 of competitive, the game has had three pretty comprehensive events. First, we had the Noxian Brotherhood which introduced brothers Darius and Draven to the mix. Then it was Wukong's Challenge, and then Yordle Expedition which still has three days left to run.

Ashe's Trial
Wukong's Challenge introduced a fan favourite to Wild Rift. (Picture: Riot Games)

All of these events had engaging missions, a variety of rewards, and something to really grind for. 

Which is quite different from the latest event - Ashe's Trial - which for all intents and purposes is the sort of event you get after the developers have clearly had a (well-deserved) break over the holidays, as Ashe's Trial has a series of challenges that will reward you with the in-game currency Poro coins. Worth doing but hard to get excited about. 

So here are all the details so you can make the most of it.

When does Ashe's Trial start and end?

The has already started with it beginning at 00:01 UTC on the 26th January. 

It runs for just four days ending on the 30th January 30th at 23:59:59 UTC.

Ashe's Trial challenges and rewards

Challenges Rewards
Get 50 takedowns 20 Poro Coins
Kill 350 minions or monsters 20 Poro Coins
Deal 200,000 damage to enemy champions 30 Poro Coins
Destroy 50 turrets with your team 30 Poro Coins
Kill 15 dragons with your team 40 Poro Coins
Win 10 games 50 Poro Coins
Complete all 6 Ashe’s Trial missions 10 Poro Coins,
Star of the Stage Icon 


As mentioned above completing all six 6 Ashe's Trial missions will reward you with this spiffing Star of the Stage Icon. Check it out:

Ashe's Trial star of the stage
(Picture: Riot Games)

Now, remember you have just four days to do these challenges so get cracking if you want to earn yourself some "free" Poro coins.