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Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood guide: All missions, rewards, more

Wild Rift's release in yet more regions signals the start of the games first event, with players getting the chance to unlock one of Darius and Draven.
Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood guide: All missions, rewards, more

League of Legends: Wild Rift is celebrating its launch in Europe, MENA, Turkey and CIS with the game's very first event. 

Noxian Brotherhood introduces Darius and Draven to the game, two popular characters from the PC version of the game.

Players will learn of these two brothers fraught shared history through a series of thirteen comics, unlocked through the event's twelve missions.

If players complete all the missions they will be able to choose from either Darius or Draven to add to their stable of Champions.

Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood event
Darius and his trusty axe. (Picture: Riot Games)

The event runs from the 10th-23rd of December with players having a limited time to not only unlock one of the brothers for free but also read the comic.

Noxian Brotherhood event missions

Noxian brotherhood missions
Players will be able to see what missions they have selected in the event's mission tab. (Picture: Riot Games)

Players will be able to select three active missions at any one time. You will have to complete a mission before being able to replace it with another.

A new mission will randomly be added from the selection below each day.

Mission Objective 1 Objective 2
To The Death Get 30 takedowns ---
Glorious Execution Play 4 games Get a 4+ kill streak
Do I Entertain You? Destroy 12 turrets as a team ---
Slice and Dice Kill 500 minions as a team Kill 150 minions
Victory Laurels Win 3 games Win 1 game as a premade team
The Sentencing Kill 3 Barons as a team ---
Cut Down In Their Prime Kill 6 dragons as a team ---
Throwing Power Play 4 games Win 1 game as a Marksman
Cleave-Ho Play 4 games Win 1 game as a Warrior
Unmatched Power Deal 40,000 damage to enemy champions Deal 5,000 damage to enemy champions within 5 seconds
The Might of the Hand Play 4 games Cast your ultimate 12 times in a single game
Brotherly Love Earn 200,000 Gold as a team Earn 40,000 Gold


What rewards can I earn in the Noxian Brotherhood event?

Noxian brotherhood events
Track your progress in the rewards tab. (Picture: Riot Games)

Most missions, once completed, will earn players 225 Blue Motes and 1 page of the comic. As you unlock the comic you will earn special rewards.

Comic pages Rewards
1 Noxus Summoner Icon

3 50 Poro Coins

Darius and Draven Axe Emote

7 Champion Box (Choose Darius or Draven)
9 50 Poro Coins

Noxian Icon Border (Limited time)

With seven comics needed to unlock the Champions box and thus select one of Darius or Draven that will be many players goal at the least.

Fear not though if you do happen to miss out as both Champions will be making their way to the game's store, along with a couple of skins for each, which can also be purchased as cost-saving bundle.