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Wild Rift Journey: Schedule, missions, rewards, more

Graduating from the Wild Rift Academy is just one part of mastering Summoner's Rift, with further learning opportunities to be had in the Wild Rift Journey event.
Wild Rift Journey: Schedule, missions, rewards, more

For newbies to Wild Rift, the Wild Rift Academy is the first stop when they launch the game taking you through the very basics of a MOBA, the map, and champion select.

It also gives players their first opportunity to earn blue motes which can be used to unlock new champions to take into the Wild Rift. The only issue with the Academy is it barely scratches the surface of Wild Rift's mechanics and meta and there is still much to learn from that point forward.

Enter, Wild Rift Journey. A new post-Academy event that nudges and teaches new players further with new missions and rewards that will give players a more well-rounded Wild Rift education.

It starts once all the Academy missions are complete, giving you daily challenges and rewards designed to teach you more about the game.

Here is everything you need to know about this new event.

Wild Rift Journey - schedule

Wild Rift Journey guide
(Picture: Riot Games)

The Wild Rift Journey is an unique event in the sense that it will always be available to players. At least those that complete the Academy tutorials.

It includes thre weeks of daily challenges that unlock after you complete all your Wild Rift Academy missions. 

You will unlock a new mission every day for 21 day, however to save players get overwhelmed you can only have one active mission at any time, and you will need to complete them to get access to another.

Wild Rift Journey can be completeed at-your-own-pace and all 21 missions will be available at any time.

Wild Rift Journey - challenges and rewards

Wild Rift Journey challenges schedule rewards

Completing the challenges unlocks you lots of goodies such as Blue Motes, Poro Coins, as well as chests which will unlock you new Champions, Poses and Skins.

1 Friends Old and New Play 3 games
Play 1 game in a premade party
Just Peachy emote
2 Time to Embark Earn 17,000 gold 500 Blue Motes
3 Red Minion, Blue Minion Play 3 games
Kill 100 minions
3 Champion Trial Cards
4 Enemies Sighted Deal 20,000 damage to enemy champions 500 Blue Motes
5 Fanciful Monsters Play 3 games
Kill 30 monsters
3 Team Boosts
6 Crumbling Ruins Participate in destroying 3 turrets 500 Blue Motes
7 Scouting Ahead Play 3 games
Place or destroy 10 wards
Champion Selection Chest
8 Daring Deed Win 1 game 50 Poro Coins
9 Majestic Creatures As a team, kill 2 dragons 600 Blue Motes
10 Quick Reflexes Play 3 games
Team gets first blood
Wild Rift Journey Pose Selection Chest*
11 Halfway Mark Earn 20,000 gold 600 Blue Motes
12 Team Adventure As a team, get 60 takedowns 50 Poro Coins
13 Jungle Journey As a team, kill 90 monsters 600 Blue Motes
14 Scuttle Away Play 3 games
Kill 3 Rift Scuttlers
Champion Selection Chest
15 Rest Stop As a team, kill 350 minions 50 Poro Coins
16 Renewed Vigor Win 1 game 700 Blue Motes
17 Strike Fast Play 3 games
Get 10 kills
Champion Pose Selection Chest (Any Champion)
18 Epic Beasts As a team, kill 3 epic monsters 700 Blue Motes
19 Push Through Deal 25,000 damage to enemy champions 50 Poro Coins
20 The Last Stretch Get 15 takedowns 800 Blue Motes
21 A Journey's End Play 3 games
Get 1 MVP / SVP 
Wild Rift Journey Skin Selection Chest**

On Day 10 you earn a Champion Selection Chest which allows you to unlock any champion in the game.

Completing the Day 17 challenge will earn you a Wild Rift Journey Pose Selection Chest which allows you to select one of 11 poses.

  • Ahri Champion Pose
  • Annie Champion Pose
  • Ashe Champion Pose
  • Blitzcrank Champion Pose
  • Garen Champion Pose
  • Janna Champion Pose
  • Jinx Champion Pose
  • Lux Champion Pose
  • Master Yi Champion Pose
  • Nasus Champion Pose

Completing the entire Journey will earn you a Wild Rift Journey Skin Selection Chest and allow you to select one of: 

  • Mad Scientist Ziggs
  • Rageborn Mundo
  • Augmented Singed
  • Ironside Malphite
  • Crime City Jinx
  • Dragonslayer Braum
  • River Spirit Nami
  • Assassin Master Yi
  • Foxfire Ahri
  • Vandal Gragas

Remember there is no set time to complete these. So each time you login to Wild Rift, even if its not frequently, check out your Journey challenges and check one off. Before you know it you will have your hands on some pretty sweet rewards.