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Wild Rift Lunar Beast: Schedule, Lunar Tokens, rewards, more

It's Wild Rift's biggest event to date - Lunar Beast - with plenty of rewards to unlock. Here is everything you need to know.
Wild Rift Lunar Beast: Schedule, Lunar Tokens, rewards, more

There were questions whether this was going to a smaller challenge-based event or a much more involved affair but it's safe to say Wild Rift's Lunar Beast event is the latter, coinciding not only with the Lunar New Year but also League of Legends' similarly named Lunar Beast event.

Players will complete challenges to level up an ancient Relic, each tied to one of the event's five champions. Earn Lunar Tokens and unlock rewards with each Relic completed.

You can then spend your Token's in the exclusive Lunar Beast store that features themed skins, poses and more.

Lunar Beast event schedule

The Lunar Beast event, as a whole, runs from the 4th February until the 3rd of March.

There is also a "special update" scheduled to drop in eight days after the event starts or 11th February.

Wild Rift Lunar Beast Schedule
The event starts on the 4th of February. (Picture: Riot Games)

Not all items from the Event Shop are purchasable from the outset with more than half also becoming available from 11th February.

Wild Rift Lunar Beast events schedue
Not all the Event Shop items can be bought from the outset. (Picture: Riot Games)

Event Headquarters: Complete Relics and earn Lunar Tokens

There are five Relics, each connected to one of the event's champions, levelling up the relic earns you Lunar Tokens and the special Relic cosmetic version of their weapon.

Player's will need to activate each Relic from the Headquarters menu (one at a time) and then hop into games to complete the challenges.

Lunar Spear - Jarvan IV