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Wild Rift Masters of the Hunt: Schedule, missions, rewards, and more

A vicious duel is taking over Wild Rift, an epic battle between Rengar and Kha’Zix is set to take place. Which side will you choose?
Wild Rift Masters of the Hunt: Schedule, missions, rewards, and more

League of Legends: Wild Rift, Riot's mobile MOBA, has raised the bar for mobile gaming and nowhere has that been more apparent than in the game's events which offer players the chance to earn tonnes of rewards and new champions, all at no cost.

The next one to hit the rift is set to be particularly special as, from the event's outset, players will select one of two hunters to fight on behalf of; Rengar or Kha’Zix, the game's newest champions.

Players will represent their chosen hunter at the start of each match with a special team tag. Rewards will be unique to your chosen affiliation including which of the two champions you can unlock.

Wild Rift Masters Of the HuntChoose to fight for or against Rengar in the Masters of the Hunt.(Picture: Riot Games)

The event will also see the introduction of a new mechanic to Wild Rift and one that will continue long after the event - Nemesis Duels - a special mechanic that can be activated during regular matches and which will see two players, from opposites sides, face off in a mini-duel. The winner will be rewarded with special bonuses that will be in effect until the end of the game.

This event is quite different from those that have come before but have no fear as the event guide is here with everything you need to know about Masters of the Hunt.

Masters of the Hunt - Schedule

The event kicks off on 6th May at 1 am UTC and will run until midnight on the 18th of May. 

Unlike previous events though, Masters of the Hunt will have a wrap-up period where the winning side will have a few extra days to bask in the glory of champions and also make sure they collect all their team rewards. The wrap-up period ends on the 25th of May at 11:59 pm.


Team Competition

Once players pick a side in this epic duel, they will join thousands more as they battle for their hunter.

Week 1 is all about representation and playing as many games a possible, the developers will be tracking the average number of games per supporter. Players will be able to see the results on a daily basis.

Wild Rift Masters of the Hunt rewards
Play games to earn rewards and potentially unlock Kha'Zix (pictured) for free. (Picture: Riot Games)

Week 2 takes it to another level, with the average number of takedowns scored by each team member now being tracking.

Each region will have a different duel, so you could see Rengar win in Europe whereas Kha'Zix emerges victorious in North America.


The event's rewards will include emotes, Poro coins, and skins, along with the opportunity to unlock your chosen sides champion.


The team that claims victory will earn an additional upgraded event icon, while the second-place team will unlock a Boost Bundle with one of each kind of boost. The winning team will also get to flaunt their champion's spawn tag for one week after the event has ended.