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Wild Rift patch 2.5: Guilds system, Rift Herald changes, new champions and skins, and more

Patch 2.5 will bring big changes to Wild Rift, with the introduction of Guilds, lots of thematic content, and new champions.
Wild Rift patch 2.5: Guilds system, Rift Herald changes, new champions and skins, and more

It's been some time since the last update of League of Legends: Wild Rift, after the release of version 2.4 patches that brought the arrival of various champions to the Rift as well as the global event of the Sentinels of light.

As we approach the final months of the 2021 season in many of Riot's titles, and in the case of Wild Rift the start of Horizon Cup, a new batch of content will be available within this mobile game in the next few days, with the arrival of patch 2.5.

Wild Rift patch 2.5: Veigar, Caitlyn and Jayce are coming

Thanks to a special preview released by the Wild Rift development team, we have been able to learn the first details about the debut of more champions in the following updates, starting with the arrival of the Tiny Master of Evil, Veigar.

Wild Rift 2.5 Veigar
Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil. (Picture: Riot Games)

Being a master of the dark arts, Veigar is a champion capable of bringing destruction and doom wherever he passes, being able to be chosen as both a good mid laner as well as an efficient support. Veigar will arrive with the full power of his Primordial Burst in the next few days.

With the launch of the new League of Legends animated series, Arcane, some Piltover champions will begin to take centre stage in the coming weeks, starting with Caitlyn.

Wild Rift 2.5 Caitlyn
Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover. (Picture: Riot Games)

Known for being a champion with a great sense of justice, Caitlyn carries a large rifle as well as an arsenal of traps that, when used at the right time, allow her to finish off any enemy with a shot to the head. Caitlyn will be available during November.

Joining Caitlyn, the Defender of Tomorrow known as Jayce will come to protect the Rift Savage with the power of his Hextech weaponry, thanks to his dual skill sets that give him great versatility on the battlefield.

Wild Rift 2.5 Jayce
Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow. (Picture: Riot Games)

Players will be able to smash their way to victory with Jayce with his Mercury Hammer and Cannon this November.

Wild Rift patch 2.5: Rift Herald changes and more gameplay updates

Moving on to the changes within gameplay for this patch, the matches will undergo a significant change with the implementation of a second Herald of the Rift, giving way to new routes and strategies for the junglers around the Baron area.

"We're hoping this will accomplish a few things: give players an objective to take before Baron, encourage more team fights that aren't focused on Dragon, and increase the individual carry power of a player, since Herald can be taken alone," commented Alan Moore, Wild Rift's director.

Wild Rift 2.5 Rift Herald
The Rift Herald will now spawn two times per match. (Picture: Riot Games)

Also, Rift Heralds will deal more damage to turrets but will lose more life when hitting them with their headbutt. The Baron's spawn will also be delayed to fit with the release of the second Herald.

Another change that will come for the jungle will be with the increase in the time it takes for the reappearance of monster camps, which will be offset by a bigger amount of gold they will grant when eliminating them.

As for other changes, visibility flowers will be added to the ARAM map that will allow finding champions hiding in bushes, while players will now have the opportunity to stream their games directly to Twitch, thanks to a new option in the settings menu.

Wild Rift 2.5 stream games on Twitch
Players will have the chance to stream their games on Twitch with a new integration feature. (Picture: Riot Games)

To close, updates have been announced for the ranked matches, that will allow a better balance of ELO in terms of matchmaking, also adding new badges that will be visible on the loading screen, and stretching the difference in ranks for pre-build groups.

Wild Rift patch 2.5: New Guild system

After being removed from League of Legends on PC, the Guilds will be back with a complete overhaul for Wild Rift, adding new ways to progress together allowing for exclusive rewards.

Wild Rift 2.5 Guilds
The Guilds will be back on the Rift with massive changes and rewards. (Picture: Riot Games)

All players will be able to create their own Guild from level nine, through a new section that will be available on the main screen, at a cost of 400 Poro Coins or 200 Wild Cores to acquire a Guild Token.

Once you use this Token, you will be able to customize its name, tag, icon, labels, and more, plus it will have language preferences and even rank if you are looking to match up with players of your level. Your Guild will be displayed both in your profile, in your banner and in the leaderboards.

Wild Rift 2.5 display your Guild
You can display your Guild everywhere in the game. (Picture: Riot Games)

Both you and the members of your Guild will be able to fulfil a series of weekly objectives, which will allow them to obtain both Blue Motes and XP through an exclusive battle pass for that new feature.

Finally, the biggest integration of the Guilds will come with the well-known Guild Wars, where players will be able to choose a side to fight and defend their honour and prestige by collecting supplies.

These can be obtained by completing a series of community missions together with the members of your Guild, therefore, the more members your Guild has, the more supplies you can get and keep the victory and some cool rewards.

Wild Rift 2.5 Guild Wars
The Guild Wars will have a lot of cool rewarda at stake. (Picture: Riot Games)

Within this, there will be many interactions between players that will allow you to improve your supply capacity and sabotage your opponents, so they can reinforce interactions with new allies, and add a bit of competitiveness to Wild Rift.

Wild Rift patch 2.5: New skins coming to the store

Finally, some of the new skins that will arrive in the game in this patch have been revealed, introducing, as in the PC version, the theme of Dragonmancers along with a new special event.

These will not be the only ones, since skins from the Spiritual Flower collection, as well as some more focused on the Halloween season. You can check them out in the video below.

League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 2.5 will be available starting October 14.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.